Wednesday, November 3, 2010

R Cobb

Given the enthusiasm that Australians embraced Halloween a few days ago, I started wondering whether we will soon also be celebrating Thanksgiving (25 November) and Independence Day (4 July).

Thanksgiving is the day in America when they give thanks to God, family and friends for relationships and possessions. Historically it developed from the days of the Pilgrims giving thanks for bountiful harvests.

Thinking about it caused me to remember a cartoon I had seen in my uni days, a great comment on Thanksgiving by Ron Cobb.
(Click on pic to enlarge). 
I used to love Cobb’s cartoons and was intrigued as to what had become of him. I found out from his website that Cobb, who had been a cult figure in the 60’s and 70’s for his anti-establishment and anti-authoritarian cartoons and artworks, had been living in Sydney since 1972 with his Aussie wife Robyn Love and 8 year old son Nicky.

Here are some other favourite Cobb cartoons:


  1. Now 63 years old and a Massive Ron Cobb devotee -- I would love to talk with him over the two totally thumbed over copies of The Cobb Book & Cobb Again. PLUS a devotee of Alien I (ONLY). Ron's Images keep cropping up in my mind during my day-to-day life. Fantastic Stuff.

    Graham Bradley -- Nearly Retired Geologist

  2. How do you do get to meet? And would he really want that ?


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