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Reader Comment: Eva Braun and Hitler

(The pics below and the captions have been inserted by me.  Otto)

Byter Steve writes:

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL stuff about Eva Braun! I have read it all twice and have also printed it out to keep! Fascinating!

If you are not familiar with them, can I refer you to two amazing recent-ish films about Hitler.

The first is Hitler – The Rise Of Evil starring Robbie Carlyle (yep – from The Full Monty!). It’s an American film so it’s got the usual “Hollywood feel” which of course takes the edge of the film (bad accents and so on). In any event, it’s not a bad look at Hitlers youth and of course his rise to Evil. The interesting thing is that about a month before filming started, the production company and also the “lead” had received so many death threats that they almost pulled out of the film altogether. In fact, the actor who was playing Hitler (the “lead”) did pull out – can’t remember his name. So they were left without someone to play Hitler and Robbie Carlyle was strangely chosen and believe it or not, he did a pretty good job. It’s well worth a look.

Going to a real quality film next, and you get the ultimate portrayal of Hitler by a German actor of course, Bruno Granz. The name may not be too familiar, but his face will be – he’s an actors “elder statesman” in Germany. This film, Downfall, looks at Hitlers last two weeks alive and his subsequent suicide. Based mainly in the bunker in Berlin as the Allies close in, it focuses on Hitlers reactions to impending defeat, his  tantrums and moods, his relationships with Eva Braun, Himmler, Goebbels and of course Speer (a very interesting person Speer, not focused on very often but he was a highly influential part of Hitler's life). The film is without doubt a total masterpiece, it’s powerful and probably historically accurate but without doubt it’s a monumental piece of cinema!

Oh yes, and just to prove that I am not totally biased against American films, if you haven’t seen Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds (correct spelling) then it’s a must – a great spoof and very entertaining!

Finally, if you are not too bored, you may be interested to know that Bollywood are now into Hitler! The Indians are finalising the last few scenes of a film about Hitler, with mostly Indian actors, of course! Seriously. It has caused all sorts of outcries in India for obvious reasons, but it’s the first attempt by their film industry to move outside the stereotypical films of colour, passion and dance. Can’t wait to see it!

Raghuvir Yadav and Neha Dhupia in the movie Dear Friend Hitler.
The film's title is a reference to the two letters written by Mahatma Gandhi to Hitler before World War II broke out in which Gandhi referred to Hitler as "my friend."  Gandhi pleaded with Hitler not to start a war.

That’s it from me. Sorry to have gone on a bit. One of my pet subjects!

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