Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Miscellany - Some Odds, Ends and Personals


From Sue in respect of the chocolate art post:

Sometimes art is fascinating not just visually but for the technical challenge - did they cast or carve or pipe? How much can they do at a time before it sets? How do they hide the join lines? Why are some shiny and others more like brush strokes - is this a feature of the creative process or of the consistency of the chocolate? Are they stored cold for longevity or room temperature as ephemeral art? Are they eaten afterwards in a giant smash of chocolate?

The joy of each kernel of new knowledge is the brain stimulation (and plasticity) which follows :-)

Does anyone have any answers to the above?

From Dennis B in respect of the Dan O’Hara post, particularly my comment that I hadn’t found an internet performance of the song by Finbar Furey:

Lapun Pinis

Thanks. Dennis, loved that clip.

If anyone has a spare hour, think about watching Finbar Furey on One Night Only at:

More Terrible Real Estate Agent Pics:

Some more pics (and captions) from the website Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs at 

Ah, the parties we used to have. Do you remember the one when we murdered everybody? 

Furniture and appliances can often become very upset when their owners announce a move. In this case it was a mistake to leave them alone for the evening without locking the wine cellar.

Actually, I can probably hold on until we find one of those old-fashioned single-occupancy fellows. 

Hoover? That’s an idea. Although you may need to find the floor first. 

It’s the level of commitment shown here that sets this particular accidental selfie apart from the rest. He even got dressed up for the occasion. 

Drinking with my beg-your-pardon? 

Avoid using photographs which suggest that the photographer was slowly and quietly circling the house looking for an unlocked door. 

 Do not terrible photograph include in property listing. 

A testament to these austere times, this bathroom is constructed entirely from other houses’ dead space, overhang, and stairwells.

Having taken this photograph, presumably the agent then barricaded the door shut and denied that this bathroom ever existed. 

I’d have serious reservations about this property. Not least the fact that it would be very expensive to heat in the winter. 

The heating system in this property not only kept the house warm, but was also used in the owner’s unsuccessful experiments to create new forms of life. 

Your own bar? Awesome. Made from the remnants of a Japanese prisoner of war camp? Less awesome.

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