Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rice and Rugs

(Once you start writing a post, you don't always know what direction it will take you).

I recently posted a photograph of an aerial view of Chinese rice paddies. The image looked like an abstract art painting and was quite beautiful. Googling further aerial views of Chinese rice paddies produced a wealth of such images, all beautiful and each different from the other. The images were from various locations, including Indonesia.

Here is a selection . . . 

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The above pic is not of a rice paddy but of a rug designed by Liz Euwes, the design being inspired by photographs of rice paddies.

She has designed other rugs inspired by aerial views of landscapes:

Rug inspired by the tulip fields of Holland

The tulip fields of Holland

Strathmore rug inspired by the Scottish countryside

Some more views of the above rug

Scottish landscapes

Euwes second collection of rugs inspired by aerial landscapes included:

Kansas, “Created by a complex and ordered irrigation system, the vast cereal crops of Kansas evoke a child’s wooden puzzle of circles and squares over America’s midwest.”

Algarinejo, “Olive grove plantations decorate the countryside of Southern Spain with a fantasy of polka dots and modern geometry.”

Ontario, “During the long Canadian winters, snow drifts over the plains, reducing the landscape to an assemblage where only the tallest structures peer out from Ontario’s Holland Marsh.”

Burundi, “Wedges of sugar cane crops arch around rolling hilltops to create a peculiar maze in Burundi, Central Africa.”

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