Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What heights for Bytes to nod to God


How odd
Of God
To choose
The Jews.

- William Ewer (1885–1976)

British journalist, prominent at the time for reporting foreign affairs but today remembered mostly for the above lines. He also spied for the Soviet Union during the 1920’s

Ewer’s lines have elicited various responses . . .

Not odd
Of God,
Annoy ‘im.

- Leo Rosten

* Those who are not Jewish

But not so odd
As those who choose
A Jewish God,
Yet spurn the Jews.

-  Cecil Brown or Ogden Nash

The following are by anonymous poets:

Not odd 
of God,
His son 
Was one.

Not so odd
The Jews 
Chose God.


Not odd,
You sod,
The Jews 
Chose God.

. . . and the last word:

How strange 
Of man
To change 
The plan.

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