Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween, High Tech and Hounds . . .


I confess that I am not into Halloween, never have been. When I was a kid it was a word that signified some sort of spooky night that they celebrated in America and that’s all anyone knew, or did, about it. 

Today here in Oz it’s not unusual to see young children in costumes doing the trick or treat rounds (with an accompanying adult). The trick or treating is focused on houses with decorations to signify participation.

It goes to show not only how American culture is adopted (for example, slang, fashions, dancing), but also how the world has become a global village, thanks to technology and electronic communication.

Whilst on the topics of electronic communications and Halloween, I received a text message from my daughter, Acacia, who resides in Dubai. The message was simply “Henry hates Halloween.” Henry is her beloved French Bulldog.

The message was followed by a couple of pics:

That's Henry on the left.

The pics were taken at the doggy daycare centre where Henry goes a number of days each week.

The centre is called Daphne’s Play Centre and it looks delightful. 

The website is at:

Commentary on that website:
Daphne's Play Centre is an indoor doggy park aimed at providing excellent care of your four legged children. From pet parents for pet parents!

Daphne's Play Centre is a temperature controlled, indoor, padded doggy park with a mini soft obstacle course aimed at providing daycare as well as boarding for your four legged children.  
The park is a safe, comfortable, happy environment, where the furry kids can be the true pup they were meant to be, run free, off-leash, and socialise with other doggies, while expelling loads of energy. 
A pic of the pooch play pen:


Some pics pf Henry . . .


Here are our two boys, Tux (left) and Kane (right):


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