Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Miscellany


As readers are aware, I was in Canberra last weekend for the 90th birthday celebration of my father in law. Noel. I have previously mentioned that he is a sprightly nonagenarian who drives, does his own shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning, still studies and still has all his faculties. Some pics of the birthday celebration . . . 

The birthday boy with grandson Elliot (left) and his partner Maddy, grandson Thomas (right) with partner Jess, granddaughter Mim (front) with partner Paris.

With daughters Catherine (Kate), Marian (Marn) and Philippa (Pip)

An amazing cake, made by Jess, that reflects Noel's lifelong interest in jazz (at age 17 he had a one hour jazz radio show in Brisbane.

Happy Birthday, Nellie.

Some age humour:


A sign photographed by son Elliot last Friday whilst a passenger in my car whilst stopped at lights, not a great endorsement for a sign shop . . .

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