Sunday, March 19, 2017

At home with the Trumps


“That's it, baby, when you've got it, flaunt it, flaunt it!”
- Zero Mostel as Max Bialystock, 
The Producers 
(1967 film, watch this one, not the remake).

"Part of the beauty of me is that I am very rich." 
- Donald Trump, March 2011 
during an interview on ABC's Good Morning America

Some pics of the New York penthouse of Donald and Melania Trump, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida and the Donald's Boeing 757 jet.

The Penthouse:

Donald and Melania Trump's 66th floor penthouse in Trump Tower offers stunning views of Central Park and Manhattan skyline and is valued at $100 million. Its three stories feature floors, walls and columns covered in marble while crown moulding, glasses, platters, vases and lamps are gold or have gold trim. A statue of Eros & Psyche is in the apartment along with Greek vases lining a white marble fireplace. The luxurious penthouse on Fifth Avenue appears to take inspiration from the Palace of Versailles and was completed in 1983. 


The Florida place:

Mar-a-Lago is also a business - a private club and spa – but Trump keeps a section of Mar-a-Lago private, for the use of his family. The estate has 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms, a 29-foot marble top dining table and 12 fireplaces. The following pics are a mix of the private residence and the private club.

Entry gate


 Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom at the Mar-A-Lago Club ahead of news conference during the election campaign.


“Da plane! Da plane!” 
Hervé Villechaize as Tattoo, Fantasy Island

The jet:

Trump Force One, as it has been dubbed, has room for 43 passengers (refurbished from the usual 180-200 persons), is fitted with the latest technology, 24-carat gold plated seat belts, sinks and taps and pillows embroidered with his family crest.


''My entire life, I've watched politicians bragging about how poor they are, how they came from nothing, how poor their parents and grandparents were. And I said to myself, if they can stay so poor for so many generations, maybe this isn't the kind of person we want to be electing to higher office. How smart can they be? They're morons. There's a perception that voters like poverty. I don't like poverty. Usually, there's a reason for poverty. Do you want someone who gets to be president and that's literally the highest paying job he's ever had? 

- Donald Trump, quoted in 1999 New York Times story by Maureen Dowd 

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