Sunday, August 6, 2017

Tattoo Fails, part 1


Yesterday I saw a post on the Bored Panda website which had me chuckling. It showed 10 tattoos gone wrong, which is not an uncommon topic for posts on websites and newspaper articles, but in this case it was of tattoos that were posted online by their owners, who then found out how messed up the tatts really were. Also funny were some of the original comments responding to the owners having proudly, initially at least, shown their tatts. Below are the tattoos and some of the comments.

Those wishing to have a look at the Bored Panda site can do so by clicking on:

Some of the comments:

Cesi Baca:
Yeah that was just wrong. He payed good money for it I'm sure so that Japanese tattoo artist was a real asshole.

Did he not Google the images before he got the tattoo??? Idiot foreigner indeed...

Why would you get a tattoo in another language and not be 100% sure (from multiple sources) that you have the correct translation??

Some of the comments:

Wow way to get the wrong symbol AND an infection yikes

Jimmy TenBellies:
it also says "tatto"

Some of the comments:

Pamela Grove:
The next time anyone gripes, and moans and groans and asks WHY do we need to take classes in English or have spelling or anything else in this area in life because computers do everything for us now. First of all, computers are ONLY as intelligent as the person who programs it. Then, show them this tattoo. If I know most people under the age of 30, they ask, "well what's wrong with it?" That makes the point right there.

Pip Maassen:
.....Untill u die.....

Some of the comments:

Cram Enitnelab:
Those are two buffalo in love.

Some of the comments:

Sophie G:
Doesn't the Dalai Lama have the same one?

Victor Vakaras:
With or without the poor grammar, it's fucking stupid.

Some of the comments:

Intensive Panda:
Looks like a shining anus with wings.

Oh thanks! I thought that "maybe" I had a twisted mind. I was maybe right but at least I'm not alone!

Luck Yeah:
That was a lot of pain just to pledge allegiance to Lucifer.

Christopher Hacia:
Don't forget that passages from Leviticus forbid tattoos and are very against.

Diane DesAutels:
Those feathers got rather battered in the fall.

Some of the comments:

A physician probably?

Flora Polvado:
I'm beginning to think every tattoo artist should invest in a good, multi-lingual spelling dictionary

Or at the very least use Google

Michelle Dodson:
Please tell me you are a medical professional and not just a fucking MORON. They do ask you to "proof" their work prior to inking you.

Some of the comments:

Ting Liu:
It's not picnic table, it's the transliteration of 'Sarah'(謝蕊) and 'William'(威廉). Her friend is messing with her.

Fan Pleskac:
It's "xie rui" "wei lian" so her name should be Sherry William I guess.

Yeah... except her name is Elizabeth...

Charles Laster:
Don't get a Chinese tattoo unless you know Chinese!

Some of the comments:

Zori the degu:
Idiots. Everywhere!

logical fallacy:
Among other things. The male symbol also represents a spear (which is phallic indeed), and the female Aphordite's mirror (and the general map of a woman's internal reproduction organs, not that it was known in Ancient Greece).

Thank you, I was just about to write that. "Cross so the arrow can aim" Jeez.

Sunny Liu:
No! The male symbol represents the arrow shot by Apollo, the Greek god of the sun! And the female symbol represents the goddess Venus's mirror.

Alia Gail:
Ugh nooo the male symbol is a shield and spear, and the female symbol is a mirror (Even tho it's a bit sexist) NOT a penis and a target

And, furthermore, the arrow on the male symbol points to the right, no to the left.

Some of the comments:

Belinda Matson:
These Tatts make me so very grateful for my education.

Angela Anderson:
He's all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble

Adam Hills:
looks like a baby carriage

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