Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Readers Write



From Barbara G in relation to the iconic store from the past, Anthony Horderns, its tree logo and the motto “While I live, I’ll grow”, and the Hordern family: 

I saw your blog recently about the Hordern family... published last January. I thought I would let you know about a home I lived in. 
I grew up in a house on the shores of Lake Macquarie at Coal Point (from about 1963 to 1979). I understand our house served as accommodation for the RAAF base at Rathmines when it was fully active. I fondly remember 2 doors in our house having glass inserts with the Hordern family fig etched into the glass and the words 'While I Live I'll Grow'... Mum and Dad mentioned that it was from the Hordern family and I often wondered of the story of how the doors came to be in our house at Coal Point. When Mum and Dad moved, they kept the glass and sold them off to an antique dealer. 
Thanks Barbara 

The link to the Bytes post is: 


I was having computer problems last week and found that some people received the mailed posts whereas those using my office email service were blocked by a firewall. I think. Thinking that the post about Milton Berle being anatomically blessed had not gone out the previous day. I resent it, only to receive an email that it had now been received twice. I mentioned Steve M as having referred to it as a cock up but looking back at reader messages I found this from Graham E: 
I did receive my daily bytes as usual so I had received todays story twice, and as regards the nature of the theme, I’m sure you meant to say that there had been a cockup in the computer system . . . 
So apologies to both Steve M and Graham E. 


From Tobye P in respect of my saying that I have never watched the above flick or been tempted to watch it: 
Hi Otto, I’ve seen them all-watch Streetcar. It’s sad and a bit harsh-but so gripping! Brando is amazing, as is Vivian Leigh and Kim Hunter-my sister is named after her. Everyone involved is top drawer-well worth your time. At least once! 
Thanks Tobye 


Although I took the cock up reference away from Steve M, he has been prolific in comments, which is greatly appreciated. Sometimes I feel like a radio announcer talking into a microphone and wondering if anyone is out there listening, so feedback is always welcome.

Here are Steve’s comments, thanks amigo: 

Re the Truman Capote anecdote: 
Loved today’s Bytes Otto! Very humorous. Hugely humorous, one might say in a pique of jealousy. 
The wonderful Truman Capote is mentioned anecdotally at the end of today’s Bytes, and your Byters might be interest in a fantastic biopic movie, called Infamous. With a stellar cast and the fabulous Toby Jones playing Truman Capote, it looks at the story behind the writing of Capote’s best known book, In Cold Blood. More importantly, it looks at Capote, his life and connections in and around High Society (including British Royalty). Capote was a total bullshit artist (in the vernacular) and a wonderful story teller, both in print and in real life – a true raconteur. 
I might mention also, as an aside to you, in regard to our continued debate about what I call ‘Script Readers’ and you mistakenly call ‘Actors’; Daniel Craig is absolutely superb in this film. Both he and Toby Jones are deserving of Oscars for their work in Infamous, but that is another story altogether! 
Re: Part 1 of European Tree of the Year 
A truly wonderful Bytes today Otto. Thank you. We love trees and Diane tends a beautiful oak in our garden for me (the band played beneath its branches at the wedding of the year) and we also have a 
Chestnut (conkers!) as I think you know. 

Terrific Bytes ta. Have a great weekend. 
Re: Part 2 of European Tree of the Year 
Beautiful Bytes again today, Otto. I loved the opening thoughts – wonderful. Seeing the Polish kids clambering over their tree made me think about today in Australia – how sad that kids are encouraged not to clamber up trunks and sit on branches and observe the world from on high: Be careful, you might hurt yourself?  
Be careful, you might see something beautiful!

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