Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Car Work

Not everyone wants to fix damage to a car, for various reasons: time, money, laziness, whatever. Still others decide that adding some sort of decoration or comment works just as well. The following pics and comments are from Bored Panda at: 


#1 Dent Covered With A Detailed Map Of The Region Using A Permanent Marker Pen 

I want a dent in my car! So it become something like this. :-P 

I love this! 

Actually looks like a very expensive detailed paint job! This should become his career, either that or become a Tattoo artist. . . 


#2 If Anybody Has Thor’s Number, I Found His Hammer 

It’s funny because the hammer will be there forever because only Thor can pick it up 

Not entirely true. Anyone who is deemed worthy can wield Thor's hammer. 

The car seems to be worthy. 


#3 That's One Way To Deal With Car Scratches 


#4 Making The Best Out Of A Bad Situation 

I feel like they would fall out...anyone else??? 

They're probably been hot glued or stuck down somehow 

Yeah a lot of these are scaring me. In the UK no way would that pass a Ministry of Transport, the vehicle would not be roadworthy due to sharp edges. 

Welcome to America! As long as it passes emissions testing, and isn't actively shedding parts, it drives. 

Houston. We have a problem. 


#5 This Car Scratch Cover Up 

Must have been Monday. 

Dammit Garfield 

Where’s the lasagna! 

This is why we can't have nice things! 


#6 Mailbox: 1, Honda: 0 

That one hurts. Because that's how I wrecked my own car. Stupid brick mailboxes. 


#7 The Way The Owner Of This Car Dealt With His Dent 

So 60s. I love it. 


#8 Nice Way To Cover Up The Dents 

Did you REALLY think you could lock me in the trunk? Ha-ha-ha! 

Hulk mad!! 


Didn't even notice the dent 


#9 My Ninja Turtles Drawing On A Bumper Dent 

I bet he also uses Turtle wax 


More to come

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