Sunday, February 23, 2020

Artists: Daneile Barresi

Artist Daneile Barresi carves beautiful sculptures, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of using wood or stone, Barresi uses fruits, vegetables and cheeses for his unique carvings. 

He is 2 times world champion carving designer having won the WACS championship in both 2013 (Switzerland) and 2014 (Luxembourg) and being invited back as a judge in 2015 (Taiwan). His accolades also include carving National Champion 2015 (Italy), Carving European Champion 2015 (European Cruise) as well as overall European Champion artist 2015. 

What began as fruit carving has evolved to include a range of materials including soap, vegetable, cheeses, foam and resin, with many more mediums he is eager to explore. 

Oh, he also now lives in Sydney, Oz. 

When speaking to someone about his talent, I wondered why someone would choose to sculpt in a medium so temporary. The person simply responded “The top food venues pay a lot of money for it.” 

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