Monday, April 6, 2020

Readers Write

When I posted yesterday’s instalment of Sydney Suburbs, I wondered whether anyone would be interested and secondly whether Chullora, a predominantly i industrial suburb, would be of interest. 

I was therefore surprosed to receive 2 immediate responses . . . 

From Philip C: 
Hi Otto,

Some isolation driven feedback about Chullora ...

I am now 68 years old and attended Chullora Primary School from 1956 to 1963. We walked about 1 kilometre to and from school every day. Early on we traversed open paddocks, including the local pig farm. Later the migrants arrived from Italy and Greece, so I shared my walk to school with a “new Australian” kid, who has been a close friend for over 60 years now.

Later again Chullora Twin Drive-in was easily accessed on foot via the regularly newly made holes in the wire fence, so we got to see quite a few free movies. When we could drive it was not unusual to have a few mates in the car boot, so we only paid for 2 admissions. (Of course, we were often caught but those people in the boot just re-entered the drive-in via the hole in the fence.)

Ahh ... those were the days :)


Thanks, Philip. 

From Rosie J: 
Story of Chullora was surprising and interesting. 

Thanks, Rosie 

An email from Tim B in relation to the Funny Friday joke about the man shipwrecked on an island who is offered various delights by a woman who arrives on the island: 
Hello Otto,

I liked the punch line of the first joke to be….when the gal started unzipping her wet suit, she asks Jack if he’d like to play around, and he starts crying and says, “ You mean you have a golf course?”. I also heard the joke told that both were on different deserted islands and Jack made a raft and landed on her island. Makes better sense about having a golf course.

Good funny Friday….keep up the Bytes!

Tim B 
Thanks, Tim. What you say makes sense.

Here’s a bonus shipwrecked man item for you . . . 

Email from Tobye P in the US in respect of the following Thought of the Day: 

Best Thought for the Day ever!

I hope you and yours are all well and safe, all good here.

Thanks Otto!

Regards, Tobye 

Thanks, Tobye, and best wishes to you and yours. Bad times, especially in your country.

Email a few weeks back from Sandy in relation to the items about Kenny Rogers having cashed in his chips and about social isolation/Anne Frank: 
We were at a Tribute Kenny Rogers and Dolly Pardon show last Sunday night at Anita’s Theatre, Thirroul. I have been singing “You picked a fine time to leave me Louise” all week, plus all his other hits – now he’s gone and left me…..

When we were in Amsterdam a few years we actually went to the rooms that Anna Frank and her family lived in hiding during this time. They were exactly the same as when they lived there apparently They got so close to the end of the war – Just made me cry, then she died of Typhus Fever after all that.

Cheers (Sandy & Barry, who have been staying home by themselves for 2 weeks now) daily we walk via Thirroul Beach, do a quick trip into Thirroul IGA, trying to keep 1.5 metres away from everyone else, then on Sunday (our big day) we walk by Thirroul Pub, if not many people there, today there were about 10 people inside. We go in and have a couple of quick drinks) then off home again.

Bring back our cruise ships…… 
Thanks, Sandy 

Sandy and Barry regularly holiday on cruise ships. Her email predates the controversies over cruise ships in Sydney, especially the Ruby Princess debacle where 2,700 passengers were allowed to disembark without being tested and when it was known a number were positive. More than 600 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been linked back to the cruise. Eleven people who were on the Ruby Princess, have now died from COVID-19. On 5 April 2020, New South Wales Police launched a criminal investigation into whether the operator of the ship, Carnival Australia, broke the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cwth) and New South Wales state laws, by deliberately concealing COVID-19 cases. 

An earlier email from Philip C: 
Hi Otto,

The guy spraying the grass green (in the ShitGardens post) reminded me of a golf game played many years ago. We were playing at a well-known Hunter Valley course and noticed the ground staff were spraying the grass green during a very dry spell. I said to them it was a clever idea using a green liquid to water the course. They said it was only a colouring agent because some potential international buyers were doing a helicopter inspection of the course the next day. (I don't know whether they bought or not.)

Thanks Philip


Stay safe and well, Byters.

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