Monday, July 6, 2020

Some More COVID-19 Humour . . .


Items and reader comments from Bored Panda at: 


(George Takei played the rile of Mr Sulu in the original Star Trek). 

Reader comments: 

You, sir, are a treasure. 

George Takei. Great American. I love him so much. His interviews on Howard Stern are legendary. 


If you or your loved one fits in the description, your best legal option is to STFU. 

Imagine reading the beginning as an anti-masker thinking "yes, yes, I will probably call this law firm" and then you read the end and do a double take LOL ;D 

LOL, I did the same thing!!! 


I, the kid that all of group projects, can confirm this. 

Yep. I always do the projects on my own. (I'm still in school) 


In Spain, where I live, we all have to wear masks and I haven't heard any bitching from anyone. There are the occasional idiots here and there not wearing them (mainly teenagers), but they're a minority. On May 19, the central government passed an "order" saying that everyone must wear a mask in public spaces, shops, and public transport. We're in the middle of a heat wave (one of many yet to come...) and the only thing that really bothers me about the mask is not being able to see through my fogged up glasses, lol. 

What the hell is Bill using for a mask? A plastic bag over his head? 

I have damaged lungs. I was in a coma for a couple of months, and on a ventilator part of that time. It is difficult for me to breathe with a mask. It also causes anxiety to have a mask on. I STILL wear a mask every single time I go out, even if I sometimes have to step outside to take a break, lift the mask, and breathe for a while. Why? Because I don't want anyone else to experience months in the hospital. I know what it's like. 

Yes, a mask makes you feel a little suffocated, and uncomfortable. I find it triggers me, and gives me anxiety attacks. I still wear one when I leave the house, because it it the responsible and ethical thing to do. Suck it up, buttercup. 


To be fair, one of them got holes in it. Just saying. 

Stupid is as stupid does. 



I don't like this one, because it implies that they're the same thing - and therefore implies that if you agree businesses should be able to discriminate against antimaskers, then you agree they should be able to discriminate against gay couples. Businesses have a right to deny you service if you are causing harm to others. This is why you can't smoke in most businesses (in my country), must wear a shirt where food is served, and must wear a mask during a pandemic. However to require you live a certain lifestyle or follow their religion? No. 




We will, we will, mock you! 

I read this in the rhythm of the song 

We will, we will infect you! 

And this one: if you don't like the mask, you're going to hate the ventilator. 


I just had to wear one to get a mammogram. 

You're not the first, last or only person to ever give birth. Than you go and make it sound pretty gross and top it off by adding Chess Wiz to the mix. Wear your mask no matter what the situation. 😷 



Guy did this at stop & shop less than 6 feet from me and it was not a short or light cough. I was worried for 2 weeks. 

Happened to me when I went out for the first time in 3 months to renew my driver's license - she came to stand right beside me first 

I've seen our politicians make worst things on TV... nose mining, in hand coughing, eyes rubbing, all strictly without mask... 


Death by glamour 

That isn't a mask. It's a "Showgirls" bra... 

I'm a pretty chill, to-each-their-own kind of guy, but this f-ing infuriates me. I mean, great that she's not protecting herself, more power to natural selection and all, but it is endangering others and she couldn't care in the least. Deep sigh... 

I hate the fact that people that stupid have so much damn money 

Proof that natural selection does occur to the rich, too 

Another covidiot!!!


Plus some more . . .


A final item . . .


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