Wednesday, July 28, 2021


For Helen B and Janice M, both of whom are Glesga wummin and both of whom are braw lasses . . .

A Wee Glesga Wummin

     by Ron Windward

The light in the close is broke again
As ah slowly trudge inside
Two string bags full o’ messages
Weigh heavy by my side

The rain drips off ma’ rainmate
An’ settles oan ma’ eyes
Ah canny see a bloody thing
An’ naebody hears my cries

I slowly climb ‘ra concrete stairs
Dreamin’ of a cup o’ tea
Ah stop at ‘ra toilet landing
Take a breath and count tae three

I start again to climb ‘ra stairs
Cursing each stair wan by wan
Ah can hear the telly in oor hoose
It must be great tae be a man?

It seems that I dae everything
I don’t fink it’s very fair
Ah washed these stairs ‘ra other day
But naebody seems to care

To sing oan stage like Cilla
Wiz’ ma’ big master plan
I could’ve made it happen tae
If ah hadnae met ma’ man

Ach my man’s no’ bad, just lazy
Like o’ men ah suppose
But I didnae know it would be like this
When he bent down tae propose

Ah soldier oan regardless
As ah turn the final bend
Ah kin hear ma eight weans laughin’
As ma’ journey nears its end

Ach get a grip I tell ma’sel
Two stairs tae go then home
The sad part is tomorrow

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