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Another contribution by Graham . . .

Hi Mr O,

Here is a link to the 2021 drone photograph award winner and runners up.


Mr G
Thanks G.

Following are Graham’s pics and photographer captions from the above link . . .

Winner - Photo of the Year

Thousands of pink-footed geese roost in central Norway in spring, on their way to the breeding grounds on Svalbard in the Arctics. The geese tend to use the same paths, so when waiting for them in the air with a drone, photos like this one are possible.

Winner - Abstract

This is a detailed photograph of a small Romanian river filled with poison. Poisoned Beauty was a personal project to photographer Gheorghe Popa who wanted to tell the story of a natural disaster in the "Apuseni Mountains". This abstract colourful pattern is created by chemical waste which has resulted from the copper and gold mining process

Winner - Urban

A 500-year-old monastery in Russia is dwarfed by a looming power plant in the background. The steam is thick and heavy due to severe frost, which is contrasted against the stark white of the place of worship

Winner - People

A fisherman starts his fishing day in the mangrove forest in the lagoon of Tam Giang in the Hue province of Vietnam. Mangroves lose all their leaves and turn white during the winter season

Winner - Weddings

On a late summer evening in Marina di Pisa, Tuscany photographer Matteo Originale spotted illuminated clouds on the horizon. He placed the couple towards them to capture the "infinity full of love.

Some more info, pics and captions from that link

Drone Awards is the most important worldwide competition about aerial photography and video. It’s a project of Siena Awards, dedicated to a different photographic genre deliberately separated from being compared to traditional photography.

The competition is open to the aerial photography and videos whose platforms also include fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, kites, and parachutes.


Images featuring people and activities relating to wedding or engagement ceremonies, celebrations or traditions captured from the sky.

Photography featuring environment and landscapes captured from the sky showing scenes in nature through the creative eye of the photographer.

Images of a person or group of people capturing the personality of the subject from the sky.

Photography featuring urban and architecture captured from the sky: abstract, bridges, buildings, cityscapes, historic and industrial buildings, interior, others.

Photography featuring the animals’ life captured from the sky through the creative eye of the photographer. Unethical treatment of the animals is not allowed.

Aerial photography depicting a visual image not immediately associated with real objects in the world.

From sporting events to personal fitness, we want to showcase the most creative and captivating sports photography captured from the sky.

Runner up. Urban

Standing 992 feet high, the Kingdom Centre was the tallest skyscraper in Saudi Arabia when completed in 2002—and is considered only the second to have been built in the country—but is now 5th on the list.

Highly commended. Urban

White parasols at the beach of the Dead Sea.

Highly commended. Urban.

The Vaccanonesa is a small train that connects the city of Trento with the villages of Val di Non and Val di Sole in Trentino. During its ride through the apple orchards, the train makes this breathtaking passage above a gorge over 150 meters high.

Commended. Urban.

Dusk at Rohingya Refugee Camp
Kutupalong refugee camp is the world's largest refugee camp. It is in Ukhia, Cox's Bazar, and is inhabited by Rohingya refugees that fled from ethnic and religious persecution in neighboring Myanmar. Million of Rohingya refugees are living here. They made small homes, tents and houses for survive their lives.

Commended. Urban

Aerial view of church flooded with toxic waste water, mud. The village of Geamana (Romania) is under 100 meters of ore dumps. The church’s tower is still visible because it was built on the highest hill top in the village. The environment is an ecological bomb.

Commended. Urban.

This photo was taken from the bank of the river Buriganga during the pandemic time in Bangladesh . These boats and ships are used for people and goods to cross the river from one side to the other.


Commended. Urban.

Church of Saint Ursula in the middle of the fields of Sorško (Slovenia) polje just before spring storm, 13 May 2021, near the city of Kranj.

Commended. Urban.

Redyk is a traditional annual march of shepherds with a flock of sheep. Every summer sheep are taken for few months high up to the mountains for grazing. In October sheep are taken down back to the villages to survive the winter in the farms. The big coming back is much celebrated. Shepards lead the herd through the villages and locals welcomes them with music and cheers.

Commended. Urban.

I've been wondering for a while what this van is delivering in these fields. I'm thinking wooden shoes, as I captured it in The Netherlands. But could be some cheese too for some Gouda times.

More to come.

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