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Cottage Point:


Cottage Point is a tiny waterfront suburb located about 35 kilometres from Sydney deep within Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Par

Name origin:

In colonial days, Cowan Creek was also a favourite route for smugglers in the early days. In 1842 a timbergetter came upon 200 casks of rum that had been secretly landed from the Fair Barbadian. However, the area has not always been known by the quaint name of Cottage Point. In about 1880 it was known as Terry’s Point named after James Terry who built a holiday cottage there although in 1884 it was known as Gerrard Point.


The smallest suburb of Sydney, with only 52 homes.

It is accessible by just one road and was once only accessible by boat or by foot.

The area is known for its rich Aboriginal Australian history and has many Aboriginal Heritage sites and forms of Indigenous rock art.

Local legend has it that during World War II many residents sighted a Japanese submarine surfacing in the waters and alerted authorities.

Locals also say they had a German spy living amongst them during this time.

The show Skippy was filmed around Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park with scenes featuring the Cottage Point area.

The Cottage Point Kiosk has long been the local boat shed and tackle shop of the community. Boat hire is available daily from 8 am - 4 pm. There is a range of 5-8 seater boats and 1 or 2 seater kayaks for hire.

There are secluded coves and scarcely touched beaches which provide a spot for picnics.

Looking Glass Rock juts up in the water and glows brightly when the dawn sun illuminates it like a shining mirror.

There are some fairly impressive waterfront homes. One impressive home sitting on Notting Lane featured on an episode of Grand Designs Australia in 2010.

"The Spy House" is where the rumoured German spy lived during WWII. The house is built on either side of a great big boulder.

Cottage Point is listed as a heritage conservation area supporting a wide variety of native flora and fauna.

One of the earliest inhabitants along Cowan Creek was Edward Windybank in 1890. He built his home in Waratah Bay (a few bays round from Cottage Point) where he lived with his family. Whilst quite isolated this did not stop the shrewd businessman who saw opportunities for holiday makers. He built a fleet of 60 row boats which he hired out and is also believed to have been the first person to make moored houseboats available for hire. He bought old steamers, cut them in half and converted them to make accommodation for holiday makers. Rent for a week was three pounds

In 1899, the area south of Cottage point was the subject of a bizarre plan to build Australia's Capital there. To be called Pacivica, the plans called for the town to replicate London, with castles, a tower and a suspension bridge giving access from Sydney via Bobbin Head.

In 1934 a bridle track from Akuna Bay allowed holiday enthusiasts access to Cottage Point. It wasn't until 1968 that Cottage Point received its first sealed road replacing the rough and unsealed road. Surprisingly most people continued to visit Cottage Point by boat.

In 1974 residents packed away their generators as electricity was made available to the cottages and houses.


Path leading down to the water at Cottage Point

Cottage Point waterways

Cottage Point Kiosk

One of the hidden beaches at Cottage Point

Looking Glass Rock

Rumoured old German Spy House.

Cottage Point is also accessible by sea plane from Sydney and Palm Beach, which people do for the dining.

Another view of Cottage Point Kiosk and Boat Hire

Cottage Point Inn Restaurant

Cottage Point Road

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