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Today, November 11, 2021, is Remembrance Day.

Some things to remember for this date and some quotations . . .

Remembrance Day:

Remembrance Day is a memorial day observed on November 11 by members of the Commonwealth since the end of World War 1 to remember those who have fought and died in the line of duty. Every year, one minute of silence is held at 11am on November 11 to remember a relative, friend or ancestor, or reflect on the sacrifice of those who have served and died in war.

The guns of the First World War ceased firing at 11am on 11 November 1918.

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."

- Laurence Binyon, 
For the Fallen, 
the above extract being commonly referred to 
as The Ode


Ned Kelly hanged:

On November 11, 1880, Australian bushranger and folk hero Edward “Ned” Kelly was hanged for murder at Melbourne Gaol.

In the evening before his scheduled execution, he was allowed a visit by his mother, Ellen Kelly, herself a prisoner in the same gaol. Her parting words to him were “Mind you die like a Kelly, Ned.”

“Ah well, I suppose it has come to this. Such is life”.

- Last words of Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly death mask

The Dismissal:

On November 11, 1975, the Australian Governor General Sir John Kerr, the Queen’s representative, sacked Prime Minister Edward Gough Whitlam and his Labor Government. The immediate cause was the disruption caused by the Opposition, led by Malcolm Fraser, blocking supply, that is, refusing to authorise release of money to run the country. It was a convention, ir unwritten law, that supply would never be blocked, but Fraser was determined to force Whitlam to call a election, knowing Whitlam’s unpopularity would likely cause him to lose. Whitlam refused and the GG stepped in, dismissing the Government and installing Fraser as a caretaker until elections could be called. Fraser won at that election and became PM but the divisions, controversy and debate have continued.

Ladies and gentleman , well may we say God Save the Queen because nothing will save the Governor-General.

The proclamation which you have just heard read by the Governor-General’s official secretary was countersigned ‘Malcolm Fraser’ who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history from Remembrance Day 1975 as Kerr’s cur.
. . . .

Maintain your rage and enthusiasm through the campaign for the election now to be held and until polling day.

- Gough Whitlam, 
Dismissal Speech on the steps of Parliament House 
after the Dissolution proclamation was read

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