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Bytes has previously posted a number of instalments of photographs of ugly Belgian houses. Belgium’s lack of planning constraints fuels a culture of the grotesque and the banal, inspiring architect Hannes Coudenys to record and post them on Facebook, as well as in coffee table books.

The Facebook pages are at:

Some more images and reader comments. . . 

Reader comments:

As a person who lives there... I can tell that the bus part is actually a brick building with a fake facade. On the inside it's just a regular room (except at the driver side there is a fake dashboard and wheel for the kids to play) It was used as a business building, Schoolcare in the week and themed birthday parties in the weekend.
The reason why:
My mother couldn't continue her job as a nurse due to a neck injury and became fysicly disabled. She still wanted to work so we've extended our home with a space for my mom to continue a job as entertainer and carer for kids.
But we had to close it down because she fysicly couldn't anymore.
We know it's not as well maintained anymore as it used to be, we are sorry for that.

thanks, it’s an amazing house and I am sorry about your Mum

what a lovely idea, both from your mum's point of view and for the kids who were entertained/cared for in it.

And Γ  Tardis ?

this is freedom, like the young ones started a architect office

Most of them aren't too bad. I even like a couple. But they do all have "personality"!!

I know this house. You can say many things about it, but only a joyless person could find it actually "ugly".

Extra points for creativity... I just want to know these people. ❤

Generated with AI? The tree looks fake.

Terrible that air conditioning on top of that beautiful bus 😜

Love it. Free spirits & autonomous

Where's Big Ben?

It surely will include crumpets and tea. Pip-pip tally-hoo!

Living the Asbestos dream!

As a kid, I once watched workers cut Eternit roof tiles down to size on a table saw. You could see the dust in the air. Nobody wore masks.

I would say, back to square one with the design.

It's not complete, they didn't do the roof.

It is like amalgam fillings - don’t remove them if it’s not a problem. Eternit only releases asbestos-dust if you brake the plates, while removing them. There is a danger with all asbestos products, but when it comes to eternit, it’s a bit outta proportions. That house only needs a paint job - acrylic paint - latex or oil-base won’t stick.

The lizard house! (scales)

Change the name of this community into Extraordinary Belgian Houses? Or Examples of Belgian Architecture?

Would that be half a lobotomy?

It’s all downhill from here… oh, wait 😡

The architect was feeling wavey…

Judging by all the black trails, kickass air circulation in there too. *Come rent a room here, and we'll shorten your lifespan at no extra charge!'

Isn't that just a ramp for skating?

Or when the children leave the house ... πŸ˜‰

That not truly ugly.

To go into the attic, provide a vomit bag.

When you attempt your first perspective drawing

Spawn of Escher and DalΓ­.

When you don´t live on the corner but in one...

Please tell me this is Photoshopped

There's probably a good reason for all those odd angles... or not: this is Belgium!

A true marvel of engineering

1st prize architecture....

Alcohol is always been a real problem amongst Belgian architects.

Is it a diversion? The motive in the fence looks pretty familiar.....

Is it allowed to post dick pics in Facebook?

It’s just an unintended coincidence πŸ˜‚

If you can get past the lockbox and through the unkempt bush, you can thrust up through the wide-open windows smiling down upon you?

This house is a magnificent erection

Misses a sign: erected in ...

The following pics are without reader comments . . .

My comment re the above pic: that off-centre solar panel installation really bothers me

And, in a homage to architects . . .

“I declare this thing open, whatever it is.”

- Prince Phillip, on a visit to Canada in 1969.

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