Wednesday, July 20, 2022


Readers will know that when I drive to work in the mornings I listen to Jonesy and Amanda on WSFM 101.7. Yesterday morning they interviewed actress Miriam Margolyes who was promoting her new ABC TV show. Margolyes is known for her potty mouth so a story she told was not as surprising as it might otherwise have been.

That story has also appeared in some past newspaper articles, from which the following is taken . . .

Margoyles, now 81, has recounted an incident involving Arnold Schwarzenegger with whom she was filming End of Days in 1999. The film is a supernatural Biblical action horror flick.

According to Margolyes, 'Schwarzenegger, (I) didn't care for him. He's a bit too full of himself.”

In one scene Arnie - who plays a former cop working for an elite security agency trying to stop Satan from conceiving the Antichrist - was killing Margolyes’ character.
"I was playing Satan's sister and he was killing me, so he had me in a position where I couldn't escape and lying on the floor. And he just farted. It wasn't on film, it was in one of the pauses, but I haven't forgiven him for it. He farted in my face. Now, I fart, of course I do – but I don't fart in people's faces. He did it deliberately, right in my face."
When she told Jonesy and Amanda the story, she did say that she had let rip a few of her own on the film set and so perhaps the Terminator was giving her back a taste whiff of her own medicine.


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