Wednesday, January 11, 2023


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The following are some further Mary and her lamb parodies and variations which have featuired in Bytes previously but be warned, some are risque.

Mary had a little lamb
you've heard this tale before
did you know she passed the plate
and had a little more?

Mary had a little lamb
Her father shot it dead
Now Mary takes that lamb to school
Between two hunks of bread

Mary had a little skirt
That was slit in half
And every step that Mary took
The boys could see her calf.
Mary had another skirt
That was slit in front
And every step the Mary took

Mary had a little watch,
She swallowed it one day.
And so she took some castor oil
To pass the time away.
But even with the castor oil
The time refused to pass
So if you want to know the time
Just look up Mary's arse!

A disease blight in England also resulted in a number of parodies:

Mary had a little lamb
She called it baby Abby
They burned it in a great big pit
Cos its mouth and feet were scabby

Mary had a little lamb,
She called him Little Ralph,
But now he's burning in a field
Because of foot and mouth.

Mary's pigs had foot and mouth
This crisis', cried she, 'Needs tackling."
Now all she's got is one black field
And fourteen tons of crackling...

Mary had a little lamb,
She called him little Ed,
Now he's lying in a field,
With a pick axe through his head!

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