Monday, February 6, 2023



Friend and colleague John F sent me an email with the above title and the below ads.

Thanks John.


If you think inappropriate advertising was something that happened decades ago or more, I will post some more recent examples in coming days.


John'semailed pics . . .

I looked this one up and it's a fake.
It was a joke altered from an old Coppertone ad, and later used to vilify Funicello
Here is the original ad, next to the fake . . .

Apparently Yasmin wasn't approved in the US until 2001

I also looked up this one and it's legit.
‘Big Tits Potato Chips’ were made in the 1930's in Dunn, North Carolina. ‘Big Tits was the nickname of Titus Tart, one of the owners in the Tart-Chestnut Co. The image is that of Mr. Tart.’


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