Tuesday, April 11, 2023


The fable:

Two traveling companions were walking side by side in the country. They had traveled far together and come to know each other well. The two noticed something on the ground in the path ahead, which one of the men rushed ahead to investigate.

On closer inspection, the man realised the mysterious object was actually a purse filled with something heavy. When he looked inside the purse, he saw that it was stuffed with gold. 

The man could not contain his excitement. "Look how lucky I am!" he cried to his approaching companion. "I have found a purse full of gold sitting in the road!" 

The second man quickly responded, "Don't say 'I found a purse.' Say 'We found a purse.' After all, we are traveling together, and if something crosses one of our paths, it crosses both of our paths." 

"Nonsense," the first man said. "I found the purse, and I'm keeping it for myself."

"Very well," the second man replied. At that moment, both men were startled by a cry of "Stop Thief!" in the distance. Looking back, they beheld a small angry crowd in pursuit.

In a panic, the man who found the purse said, "What are we going to do? They'll throw us in jail if they find us with the purse."

After a pause, the second man said "Now you say 'we' and 'us'. As you've already made clear, the purse is yours. And truly, they will throw you in jail if they find it."

With that, the man continued on the path alone.


You can't expect others to share in your misfortunes if you're not willing to share your fortunes with them.

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