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Back in the days before internet and social media, people actually met with each other, spoke to each other and sent cards at Christmas. Hard to believe, isn’t it.

However, not all the cards were sweetness and light, the Victorians and Edwardians were especially weird when it came to wishing a Merry Christmas.

Bored Panda has gathered a selection from a website Strange Company –
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The following selection of pics, headings and reader comments are from the Bored Panda post . . .


Christmas 2020 Mood

Reader comments:

The cat looks a little dazed, possibly confused as well

Is that even a real cat!?!?!?

That cat has outlived its 9 lives from the look of it. Poor thing. 😳

I thought at first she had a knife in her hand!!! Sorry! Too much Creepy Christmas Netflix!!!

I thought it was Alice Cooper at first.

So Now You Know What Happens To Kids On Santa’s Naughty List

The teddy bear's picnic, lol

This sends the wrong message. Running with knives is dangerous.

No, this is just what happened to Goldilocks when the Bears' security alarm failed to activate upon a break-in. I just never realized it occurred because she was homeless at Christmas time.🙄

Whoa! Goldilocks should've stayed away from that porridge!

There Is Something About The Mind-Boggling Senselessness Of This Card That Speaks To Me

This awesome in all its weirdness. Is there a meaning to the chicken feet in the lower left?

The chicken feet at the bottom tho...

"Hoi mon! Stop will ye?"

I'm not seeing the "warm" or "happy" here . . .

My Favorite Part Of The Christmas Holidays Is When The Plum Puddings Rise Up And Start Murdering People In Their Beds

That's an oliebol, a traditional Dutch happy food on New Year Eve.

Doesn’t look happy.

I think that guy should see a dermatologist....

Could this be a 'Magic Pudding'? (Australia, where even the puddings may kill you!

Looks like pudding from "The Magic Pudding" by Norman Lindsay. Classic Aussie children's story book series starring Albert the magic pud, Bunyip Bluegum and "puddin' thieves"

Oh, Sure, Roll Out The Beets. At This Point In The Christmas Season, I Don’t Care Anymore

I'm not going to ask why it's hairy.

You beeter watch out You beeter not cry You beeter not pout I'm telling you why

Makes you wonder what they were smoking back then.

I can’t help but wonder if that tail is prehensile

That square monocle would sit well too

What's the difference between an egg and a beetroot?

It Always Warms My Heart When Santa Claus Turns Loose His Attack Emus

"An unwelcome christmas greeting" 😂😂

Those Victorians were vicious. 😵

Jed come quick! It's a giant Beverly Hills turkey!

Hey no joke, emus can kick a**e. Look up The Emu War Australia

I was once bailed up like this. Male emus, especially in mating season are not to be trifled with.

"Next year maybe you'll work a little harder at staying off the 'naughty list', eh?"

Bring On The Christmas Witches

It finally happened: the Christmas decorations and the Halloween decorations coincided and reproduced.

Some very wrong with her hands and feet. 🤔

Put a turkey leg in her hand and it's a trifecta

Throw in a "Happy New Year" somewhere, and possibly a "Happy Thanksgiving" and you only have to buy one card for the last half of the year!

Not too scary of a witch. Maybe Christmas witches are a bit nicer.

Oh, Fine. Bring On The Giant Cabbage Women. See If I Care

I’m starting to think Lewis Carrol was rather sane for his time

I wonder if she knows the beet man.

The cabbage hands are creepy D:

Reject character from Alice in Wonderland.

In Which We Learn That "Christmas Glee" Means Murdering Santa And Burying Him In The Woods. I'm Sold

Looks like they're burying the Holly King, maybe hoping for light and spring soon

GD ladies! I keep tell you. I'm your neighbor BOB! The holly was just an attempt at being festive.

Run For Your Lives

Looking at these weird cards make me realize how great the gap is between those times and now. I have a hard time understanding the thinking behind most of them. This one is the most normal one I've seen so far.

These were not "normal" cards to the best of my knowledge. The really old cards I've seen in the wild (like in old family stuff and so on) are much more "normal". I think these were mostly weird / gag cards of their time, just as you can find now.

Jollity. A word you don’t hear anymore. I like it!

The crazed villagers are gathering


Angry birds with torches

Bring On The Christmas Witches


Have Yourself A Merry Murder Christmas!

"Back in my day, we didn't sit around posting on social media, we went out and did stuff."

Poor guy is already drowning and they're throwing snowballs in his face?!

Some of these are more for the serial killer crowd, tbh

They took snowball fights a bit more serious back then.

Is that a cop?

When you told your dad how much you wanted a pony and he STILL didn't get you one.

And some without reader comments . . .

Christmas Isn't Christmas Until Santa's Elves Are Eaten By Giant Beetles!

Ah The Good Old-Fashioned Christmas Ritual Sacrifice


In Today's Christmas News, The Cats Banded Together And Massacred All Of Santa's Elves


I Can't Decide Which Is Worse: The Image Or The Poetry


Don’t Look Now, But Your Christmas Dinner Has Taken Over The Piano. You Might Want To Eat Out This Year


This is an interesting interpretation of “joyful.”


Yes, this is a Christmas card.

Designed to give that special gift of lifetime nightmares.


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