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Some Readers Write items from last year and already from 2024 . . .

From friend and author Steve Matthews in response to Bobby Charlton being in the list of those we lost 2023:

Lost souls during 2023. Your comments on Bobby Charlton’s life brought back some memories for me Otto. As you state, he was among the few that survived the Munich air disaster, and I remember in the dim distant past meeting another survivor – Johnny Berry, when my father took me into the Berry Brothers sports shop in Aldershot. It was a huge moment for me and gave me the inspiration to continue my dream to become a professional footballer – one that never reached fruition, sadly. I almost made it…but not quite. Berry was a super chap and spent a lot of time chatting to us, talking about the plane crash, Bobby Charlton and Matt Busby etc.

Thanks, Steve.

Also from Steve and spouse Diane:

We truly enjoyed the poem on your Christmas card this year and Diane and I had made a mental note to talk about it when we eventually catch up – soon, we hope. Low and behold, I find on the Christmas Day Bytes that the beautiful words were crafted by none other than your good self, Otto! Congratulations, for the poem really is a classic, and carries a lovely message.

Steve & Diane x x

Thanks Steve, Diane

From David B:

Hi Otto

For your information: David Crosby was born in 1941 so was 81 or 82 at his death.

Regards Dave

Thanks David

( I made a typo and said 61)

From Roberta W:

Great bytes, Otto. I've been wondering why we call the 26th December boxing day, and the origins of that. Thanks for sharing that. Love the quote for the day too.. Xoxo Rob

Thanks Rob

From Tim B, a Byter in the States:

Good Morning Otto,

Thank you so much for sending, the poem is to my thinking brilliant. My sis-in-law was with us Christmas eve and she has two grandkids, six and four. The six year old asked his Dad this year if there really was a Santa. I printed your poem and she is going to read it to her extended family today at the Christmas dinner, just as I am at my family dinner.

You best be careful, you keep this up and you’ll be the next Australian Poet Laureat, Lauriet, Lawiet, hell, person.

Thanks, Tim

From Ron T, also in the States:

Beautiful poem and design.

Wishing you, your families, and other loved ones a beautiful Christmas and Holiday Season.

Thanks, Ron.

Earlier email from Tim B:

Merry Christmas Otto, hope that you and your family have a great holiday season and Happy new year. Could you please send me your latest post, the one with the card and poem. I started reading the poem and my finger hit some key on the computer and for the life of me I can’t find the email, and I did want to finish reading it and see the card.

I enjoy the bytes daily and it’s one of the few emails I really look forward to each day.

Thanks for the time and effort you put into putting it together and sending it to us byters.

Take care my friend,

Tim B

Thank you, Tim

From Philip C:

When we received your beautiful card and brilliant Christmas poem I speculated that it may have been your words. Poetry is not normally my thing but your Chrissy poem is very special and much appreciated. Thank you from both of us.

Enid and I were due to have Christmas Day lunch at Kyrra & Jonathon’s with the rest of the family but he called at 7:45pm last night to tell us they have been struck down with COVID. So Enid and I are home alone, although we are sharing the joy of their present opening (virtually of course).

A little later today I will mask up and drop off the kids’ presents and a hot meal.

All very best to you and all your family.

Enid & Philip

Thank you Philip and Enid, hope it all went well

From Ron T, in respect of the repost of the story of Tux becoming a member of Santa’s sled team on Christmas Eve:

Lovely story. Thank you for sharing, and thanks to Kate for insisting that you place your story in your Bytes.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happiest Holidays,

Barb and Ron

Ps. Hitch and dear Henry will petition for more coverage in next year's piece.

Thanks, Ron

From Steve M, in response to the post on 17,12,2023 that Pilot Officer Russell 'Rusty' Waughman, who was one of the Dambusters and who came through 30 bombing raids over Germany during the most intense periods of the war, has passed away peacefully in his sleep at age 100:

Very moving Bytes today Otto, thank you. What great men they all were. So much courage.

Steve m

Thanks Steve

From Tim B in response to the post about the Protest song Wake Up My Mind by the Uglies:

Evening Otto,

Enjoyed this post very much. I grew up in the 60’s and although I knew I was going to go into the military, become a pilot and possibly go to Viet Nam, I still enjoyed the protest songs of Dylan, Barry McGuire, and Credence Clearwater.

Turns out we should have listened and heeded a little closer to what they were singing. I enjoyed the “Wake Up My Mind” and “It’s Alright” songs. Thanks for posting.

Tim B

Thanks Tim

Thank you to readers, subscribers, those who take the time to send feedback and to their families and loved one - let's hope the coming year will be kind.

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