Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Barrister and his Diary, Part #2:


I previously posted an item about a barrister, who shall remain nameless, who listed a matter for a few weeks hence and then had to beg off because he was getting married on that day.  Asked why that had not occurred to him when he listed the matter, he replied that he had not put his wedding in his diary.  Read that item at:

The following sets out a telephone conversation with that barrister a day or two ago:

Myself:  Are you free to mention a matter on Thursday?

Nameless Barrister:  I don’t know, I’ll have to check my diary.

Myself:  Yep, I’d believe that about a fellow who didn’t remember he was getting married because he hadn’t put it in his diary.

Nameless Barrister:  Shit! I’m glad you reminded me. That’s coming up again soon. 

Myself:  Isn’t it in your diary?

Nameless Barrister:  No. I’ll put it in right now.

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