Saturday, August 6, 2011

Movie Moments: #102


Morning Glory (2010)

Yes, I know that the term morning glory has a different meaning in street slang, this MG is a film set in the world of breakfast television.  My wife gets cross if I watch good stuff without her, hence I am usually relegated to B films that I have watched before if I happen to be up late or have a film on in the background if I am at my computer.  MG was a film she had watched without me and justified by saying it was a chick flick.  Having risen early and stuck for something to watch, I put this on.  Not a great flick but something light that passes the time.  I will now not look at Kochie and Mel on Sunrise in the same away.

Becky (Rachel McAdams), a young morning show TV producer, takes a job as Executive Producer with a struggling breakfast show, “Daybreak”.  Having fired the sexist male co-host, she forces crusty newsman Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) to partner co-anchor Colleen (Diane Keaton).  He sees morning television as being fluff, not serious news, disagreeing with Becky’s view that news can also be entertaining. She has a short time to get the ratings up or get cancelled.

Mike Pomeroy: You know what I've noticed, people only say "lighten up" when they're gonna stick their fist up your ass.


Harrison Ford was born on 13 July, 1942, so was aged 68 when the film was made.  Diane Keaton’s birthday is 5 January, 1946, so was aged 64 at the time that she appeared in this film.

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