Sunday, August 7, 2011

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A comment from Byter Doug in respect of the article about Fugos

G'day Otto,

It was a very interesting post today.

I read some of the website put up by the family of the US airman. The airman was obviously a well-meaning soldier who did his best to help to defend his country. His role was helping to drop bombs onto Germany in order to hurt its weapons production.

Similarly, the Japanese schoolchildren who helped to build the balloons also did so with the intention of helping to defend their country.

The former-schoolchildren eloquently expressed their genuine sorrow about killing the family. And no doubt the airman helped to kill German families (which I assume he would have regretted). In both cases, the death of civilians was unintended and regretted on an individual basis. The contrast between the two stories was thought-provoking. Thanks for posting it.


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