Friday, August 12, 2011

Movie Moments: #107


Midnight Run (1998)

Robert De Niro is an under-appreciated actor.  The man should have a shelf of Oscars..  Midnight Run is one of his lesser known films but, in this writer’s opinion, one of his best.  Action and comedy with a witty script, plus some great onscreen chemistry between De Niro and Charles Grodin, make this a must-see.  At the next trip to the video store, walk by the newest releases and get out this oldie.

The US allows individuals and companies to post bail for people charged with offences.  These are known as bond agents and only the Philippines does likewise.  Interest rates vary from state to state but are usually in the vicinity of 10-15% of the amount posted.   When defendants fail to answer their bail, the system allows the posted money to be recovered where the defendant is brought back before the courts by the bond agent.  Hence bond agents rely on modern day bounty hunters.
De Niro plays such a bounty hunter, Jack Walsh, who seeks to return Jonathon Mardukas, an accountant who embezzled $15m from a Chicago mobster.  Jack’s bond agent wants Mardukas back to recover the bail, the mobster wants him dead and the FBI want him as a witness to give evidence against the mobster.  Plus it’s a road movie.  A+

Jonathan Mardukas: [making fun of Jack by sounding like Jack in the responses] Jack? "What?" When do you think you we're gonna get to L.A.? "None of your fucking business!" Well, I have to go to the bathroom. "Shut the fuck up!"


A “midnight run” is an easy task, which Jack initially thought this assignment would be.
The boxcar scene where Jack Walsh and John Mardukas) discuss whether or not they could ever be friends, was almost entirely improvised on set. As regards Grodin's famous "Have you ever had sex with a chicken?" line, he was told by director Nartin Brest to come up with something that was guaranteed to make even Robert De Niro laugh.

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  1. yess:)))... and this pic is not only a great comedy, it is philosophical (well, all great comedies usually are), ain`t you agree?


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