Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Leadlighting and more

I used to do my own leadlighting but haven’t done any in years. Nonetheless I still love seeing a lovely leadlighted window or panel. 

Btw, traditionally stained glass was the work that you see in churches etc with the painting of faces and shadows on robes, whereas leadlighting was the use of coloured glass only, both being held by lead strips known as cames. These days the distinction is blurred and the terms are used interchangeably. 

One of our trivia team members and her hubby, Kerrie and Bob, until recently ran a leadlighting/stained glass business but have now retired. The number of such businesses has declined and now they are as rare as dental floss at a Willie Nelson concert. It’s a shame, it’s an art that goes back to the Middle Ages and has virtually not changed. 

That's one of mine above, here are some others . . .  

Kitchen window, to block the view of a nearby building.  Close up below.

Set into a door separataing the bedrooms of sons Thomas and Elliot.  They were allowed to select the colour and I selected design, hence their choice of blue.  Note the "T" and "E" set into the design.

Following is selection of pics of some beautiful leadlights (not mine) and use of coloured glass . . .

Not coloured glass but fascinating anyway - spider and web.

Nahhh, I'm just messing with you on this one.  It''s an art work by famed street artist Banksy . . . 

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