Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Trump's Double

There’s a woman in Spain who is a dead ringer for Donald Trump.

According to news.com: 
SHE’S a real Donaldganger.  Dolores Leis Antelo, a Spanish farmer, is taking the internet by storm thanks to her uncanny resemblance to US President Donald Trump.  A photo of Dolores, who is from La Coruna, a port city in Spain, has gone viral online with thousands of retweets.  It shows her clutching a hoe and gazing into the distance in a pose that resembles that of Trump wielding a golf club on the green.

Antelo has since been dubbed the “Donald Trump of the Costa da Morte,” according to the original report in La Voz de Galicia.  “My photo seems to have travelled far. I say it is because of the colour of my hair,” she told the Spanish news outlet.  Her daughter Ana said: “Imagine if we were in Donald Trump’s family!”  But Dolores has spent her whole life in Cabana de BergantiƱos with her husband of 40 years and has never been interested in the digital world and does not even own a mobile phone.  “I have never been curious to have one but I do look at what my daughters show me. They say this picture will make me famous but I don’t get why,” she said.

Then again it may not be that remarkable when even a dog's ear can look like the Donald . . .

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