Wednesday, August 26, 2020

I read the news today, oh boy . . .

Teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs . . . 

Well, no, that’s not what this item is about, it means telling someone how to do something when that someone has even more experience in how to do it. 

Such as when the Americans tell us Aussies how to pronounce the name of one of our native animals, and then get it wrong anyway. 

Over in the US a woman’s pet emu went missing, having learned to open the latch on its enclosure with its beak. American media organisation NPR reported on it in its radio program The Weekend Edition, pronouncing the name of the animal as “ee-moo”. Now everyone in Oz, from the youngest to the oldest, knows that it’s pronounced “ee-mew”. After all, it’s part of the Oz coat of arms . . . 

. . . and we’ve grown up listening to John Williamson sing about Old Man Emu – click on the link: 

NPR and the segment presenter, Stu Rushfield, said not so, it’s pronounced “ee-moo”, despite what the Twitter responders said. Rushfield calimed victory in a tweet, declaring: 

BIG EMU NEWS! After discussions with editors &the NPR RAD team (Research, Archives & Data), the ruling is that ee-moo wins!! The OED’s pronunciation favors ee-mew, this is one of the common words for which NPR doesn't have a standard pronunciation for, & ee-moo is acceptable. 

The US embassy in Australia was more cluey on the subject: 

"After much community consultation, the U.S. Mission Australia will be adopting the ee-mew pronunciation in all future emu-related alliance matters #USwithAUS.: 

Canberra Times 
24 August 2020 

By the way:

It is believed that the origin of the phrase “teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs” derives from the fact that before the advent of modern dentistry many elderly people had very bad teeth, or no teeth, so that the simplest way for them to eat protein was to poke a pinhole in the shell of a raw egg and suck out the contents; therefore, a grandmother was usually already a practised expert on sucking eggs and didn't need anyone to show her how to do it.


It’s not finger lickin’ good any more . . . 

Global fast food giant KFC says it is halting its "Finger Lickin' Good" slogan given the current hygiene advice because of the coronavirus pandemic. "We find ourselves in a unique situation - having an iconic slogan that doesn't quite fit in the current environment," the company said. 

It has altered its packaging with the phrase obscured but KFC said the phrase would return when the time was right. The company revealed its new look is to pixilate the offending words, now its chicken is just “good”: 

BBC News 
25 August 2020 

Some KFC street art: 

Anti-Tony Abbot election posters in 2013 


BBC bosses have come up with a plan to keep and bring back to the BBC the millions of people in the coveted 18-34 age group, who currently prefer streaming services such as Netflix. The great plan? To change the name. 

The Beeb wants to scrap the term BBC Television in favour of BBC Screen. It has already happened to the Beeb’s radio a message on the BBC’s website on June 26 confirmed that BBC Radio & Music Production was being relaunched as BBC Audio. 

The Sun 
23 August 2020 

It reminds me of an Abraham Lincoln quote which I have sometimes used in discussing matters with clients: 

It is particularly apt as the US heads towards its next Presidential election. 


WTF #1 . . . 

A 20-year-old Michigan woman with special needs who was found alive at a funeral home on Sunday was about to be embalmed when mortuary staff saw that her eyes were open, according to the family's attorney. 

The woman, identified by the lawyer as Timesha Beauchamp, is currently clinging to life on a ventilator at a Detroit hospital, more than 24 hours after she was mistakenly pronounced dead. 

Daily Mail UK 
25 August 2020 


WTF #2 . . . 

A woman was arrested in Florida yesterday after she allegedly beat her father after becoming incensed by his excessive flatulence inside their home, police documents show. 

Nicole Dozois, 40, was arrested at home along 130th Avenue in North Largo, near to Tampa Bay, in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police were called to the home just after 2am when Dozois reportedly became ‘angry’ with her father, Michael Dozois, ‘due to his flatulence’ while she was trying to sleep. 

According to police, Dozois and her 59-year-old father share a bedroom inside the home. A heated argument ensued between the pair, with the verbal altercation allegedly quickly turning physical. Dozois then reportedly punched her father ‘numerous times’ in the face, an affidavit says. 

Daily Mail UK 
25 August 2020 

Some reader comments attached to the above story: 

Seems reasonable 

Well if you can't fart in your own bedroom, what’s the world coming too? 

That police report belongs in hillbilly headline history books. Fart one more time ... I'm gonna punch you in the head daddy. 

Hey dad, Mel Brooks is on the phone... 

The one who smelt it, dealt it. 

Her cell mate better not be a ripper. 

Flatulence is the least of her problems 

Ahh, Florida. Go figure. 

Living with Dad is a real blast! Just don't light a match! 

It’s bad enough that she lives with her father, but she shares a bedroom with him, that is so eeew. 

She ought to have more respect for the old fart! 

Into each life some gas must pass... 

Before punching him in the face she should have had a moment of introspection and decided to stop pulling his finger every time he asked. 

Close family 

He forgot to mask it by speaking at the same sleep 

No matter how much you talk it's not going to mask the stinky smell within 5/30 seconds. 

i hope they weren't sharing a bed too 


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