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Photos To Remind Everyone That Many Animals Are Way Bigger Than Most Of Us Think – Part 2

The following pics, captions and reader comments as to how big some big things really are come from a Bored Panda article at:


I Have Severely Underestimated The Size Of A Moose:

Yeah they're more similar to camels than deer.

A moose is on the loose! 😲

FINALLY. I get to see a pix of a Moose with something to show something to compare it to. YEA. I want to see one in the wild. Bucket list.

No you don't. Trust me. I almost died. I was walking in the woods and came across a huge tree, so I climbed it. As I was getting down I heard a huffing coming from behind me and thought it was a charging bear. It was a moose. It saw me and froze. I couldn't climb up the tree because it would take too long. I backed away waving my arms forward and back bc that's what you do with horses. I athink it might have taken this as a challenge because it charged. I hid behind the tree but it found me and tried head butting and kicking me. I ducked down (not something you should ever do but I didn't know at the time) and made myself as small as possible trying to play dead. It saw and I think it believed me because it walked away.

This reminds me of something my philosophy teacher once told me. He said that if you're driving, you see a moose, and your options are either a) hit the moose or b) drive into the ditch, choose option b. Because if you hit it, its legs would break and it would fall on top of you, crushing you to death

A friend of mine hit a moose in her little car. Destroyed the car, she was very lucky to survive. Northern Ontario (Canada) has a ton of moose's

Why do people always say the wildlife in Australia is so dangerous - we having nothing that compares to that!! (Ok crocs and great whites are pretty gnarly...)

Big dangerous animal is a lot easier to spot from far away and get away from than your creepy crawlies.

I hope the drivers were smart enough to stop their cars, turn the lights off and let the moose go back to the woods

Fortunately for Rocky, Bullwinkle wasn't very bright!

They're a force to be reckoned with alright... or better avoided! Have seen several moose at a distance in Canada.

We saw one up close (not intentionally), we were driving back from fishing and after a curve in the trail there he was.... We felt small in our pickup truck (and scared he would attack).

I recently saw a pic of a huge moose and was so sure it was photoshop because it was humongous. I googled it and felt really stupid, they are actually THAT big.

A bull moose can be over eight feet tall and weigh well over a ton - and they don't like people.

They protect their young! Quite capable of flipping a car over.


I want you all to see this lad:

Flemish giant! They are so sweet!

I have a pet rabbit who is half Flemish giant. Nowhere near as big as that beautiful animal, though.

Probably bigger than my doggy!😕😁

I think I saw that dude in Night of the Lepus!

Awww. He looks so fuzzy...and squishy 🥰

The bunny that ate the world!!!!🤯

People must have trouble keeping their gardens safe with this bunny around...

It’s a Flemish! And he’s a Giant love

I'll take a BIG bowl of hasenpfeffer.

Nooo! You can't eat him! (I had to Google hasenpfeffer).

(I googled it too.  This is what Wikipedia says:  Hasenpfeffer is a traditional German stew made from marinated rabbit or hare, cut into stewing-meat sized pieces and braised with onions and a marinade made from wine and vinegar.” – Otto)


Maine Coon vs. Siamese Size Comparison:

They are a beautiful breed. A similar breed to Main Coon Cats are the Norwegian Forest cats..

Wow, well u know what they say cuteness comes in all shapes and sizes

I adore Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cats. They have such sweet personalities, are incredibly active, and so very floofy.

I had a mixed breed Maine coon with bits of tortoiseshell, he was the best cat I ever knew! Quite big, had the trademark eyes, fluffy tail and winter ruff, and loved belly rubs and even raspberries on his tummy. Madness and cuteness

My cat is a mix, he got big from the Maine coon and loud from the Siamese

That's a little lion right there..

I want one of those furbabies so much.

My friends had a pair of Main Coons- one, Darcy was ginger and Lily was brown tabby-like. They sure took up your lap and more when they wanted a cuddle...

So basically this fluffster is two Siamese kitties tall.

My cat was a mix of the two. Toe to toe he could reach both sides of a queen size bed. He weighed 30 lbs. I was constantly being told that he was the most beautiful cat ever. I miss him.

More gentle, beautiful giants

I have a red and white Maine Coon boy called Q. He's only 8 months old but already is much bigger than my adult moggies!

Yup, I have a Maine coon, his name is Panther.

Still, I bet it's the little one that calls the shots (:

Norwegian Forest Cats are pretty huge, too.. I have one.

I have a niece who has one of each.... her Norwegian Forest Cat is larger but the Maine Coon is heavier...... both of them together go through a LOT of cat food and treats...... but she loves them... they are her pride and joy !

Had a Maine Coon. Such a docile sweet 20 lb baby.
To be fair, Siamese kitties are dainty little guys. :) (BTW, both breeds are available in abundance at animal shelters and rescues, if this inspires you to adopt!)

I was a Maine Coon Mum once, stunning animal

It would have made a much nicer picture if they were both sitting up. The Maine Coon's "ruff" is one of its greatest features.

Otto comments:

Here are some additional pics of Maine Coon cats:

Omar, a Maine Coon from Australia

Maine Coons are the largest domesticated breed of cats worldwide. They are something between a cat and a lynx.

By the way:

We here in Oz were pressured to change the name of Coon Cheese as being racist, even though it is named after its American creator, Edward William Coon (1871–1934) of Philadelphia, who patented a method, subsequently known as the Cooning process, for fast maturation of cheese via high temperature and humidity. 

Should not then the name of the Maine Coon breed of cat be changed as well?

Maine Coon cats originated in the forests of northeastern Maine and New Brunswick, Canada, it being commonly believed that they emerged as a sub-breed of the Norwegian Forest Cats that were brought over to the new world by the Vikings.  The 'Coon' part of their name does not refer to them mating with raccoons, not possible. It has been suggested that the name came from a Captain Charles Coon, who frequented ports in and around coastal Maine and who was known for the long-haired cats he had aboard his sailing ships throughout his career.


Lion's Head Compared To Man's Head:

i wanna boop him

Otto comments:

From the Urban Dictionary:
Affectionately poking someone on the nose, often accompanied by saying "Boop!"

I think it might possibly be the last boop you'd ever have...

What a photogenic lion, isn't he?

Just look at that sweet & powerful face. Magnificent.....

Beautifully said. Magnificent he is.

I believe this was taken on a wildlife reserve and the guy is one of the handlers. He's practically a lion whisperer.

I wonder if the lion thinks we're like little annoying insects?

Getting hugged by an adult male African lion is an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime, magical, not-at-all-frightening experience. Just relax and let the lion decide when to start the cuddle and when to stop. And be sure to gently scratch under his very large chin. I'll never forget you, you big, sweet kitty!


The wide angle lens, at such a close proximity, also helps to exaggerate the size of the lion, making his snout look a lot bigger proportionally.

That's Kevin Richardson, and he is literally the lion whisperer. Amazing man and so passionate about lions and conservation.

Little bit of perspective involved in the shot with the lion being much closer (at least the snout/mouth) to the camera, but still...


A Full Size Snapping Turtle Compared To What Most People Think Is A Full Size Snapping Turtle:

Holy shit.. that can take off a leg

Yup, they can snap pieces of timber like a human could snap a toothpick. Quick note your arm is about as tough as a carrot to them.....

These are two different species. Snapping turtle on top, alligator snapper on bottom

Same species, I'd say, as the ridges aren't pronounced enough on the bottom for it to be an alligator snapper

Well, that's slightly concerning. They both look incredibly prehistoric.

Turtles go back to the Jurassic, roughly 170 million years ago.

I like how both turtles have mouths open as if they were posing for a photograph.

That's because they are pissed

Go swimming with that thing and ur gone

How the hell did he get it on top of the cooler?? Looks like it weighs a ton!!!

The big one looks like my grandma 👵

 I like to think that all three are smiling for the photo and that makes it slightly less terrifying.

We had one in our yard before, he was smaller thank goodness and I was able to pick him up and move him with a shovel. He snapped at me the entire time

Okay, anybody know what the flarp is going on here? Why? How does that man still have all his limbs and digits?

Okay, you've made your point. Now turn around 'cause the big guy has his mouth open and aimed my direction. Thanks. Thanks very much.

Isn't that the one that fought Godzilla?

I am never going swimming where snapping turtles are. It could probably just eat me.

And probably close to a hundred years old to get to that size.


Salt Water Crocodile:

Hmmm, my favourite.. a can of human...nom nom nom..

That pix is taken at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Salt water crocodiles are the biggest and are astounding creatures to have survived the dinosaur era.

Croc is sayin' "Anybody got a can opener?"

Shit, it's scary

Sure is, but I kinda want to tickle his tummy..

The first time I went to Australia zoo we saw a massive salt water crocodile but it wasn't moving. My brother thought that it was fake and that me and my mum were tricking him when we said it was real. Then the croc moved its head and my brother screamed.

These are scary as shirt... I was accidentally swimming with one in Darwin. Only noticed the signs after I got out!!! Thank God it never came close to me...

Swimming in salt water with this reptile is NOT my idea of a good thing! I'll appreciate it's immensity and (potential) ferocity from a safe distance... like my sofa in front of the television.

Yes, that's in Darwin Australia, l have a photo of doing it as well, Its called the Cage of Death 😁🐊

Umm no, that lady be crazy

Holy Jesus!!! 😮

I would not want to piss him/her off!

How can that be safe??!! Look at the size of that critter!!!

WTH is she doing in there with that giant thing?

Whoa, hold up! Where, exactly, can we expect to run into these "tanks with teeth"? I've never even heard of the saltwater variety?

Good old top end of Australia ie Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia. This photo is taken from the Cage of Death at Crocosaurus cove, Darwin NT. The male saltwater croc can grow up to about 5.2 metres long (17 feet). The largest croc in captivity ever was 6.17 metres (20.3 feet).

Forced perspective. The croc is closer to the camera than the girl.

This pic has loooong ago been debunked. While huge, this animal is clearly in the foreground of the picture. Forced perspective.

That’s actually the real size. Come visit Australia would ya?

Otto comments:

To show that crocs do get that big, here is a pic of the largest croc caught in Australia:

Krystyna 'Krys' Pawlowski killed the croc in 1955 in Kaumba, in Queensland's Gulf Country when it began creeping up on her three-year-old daughter, Barbara.   Her brother shouted a warning to her and she killed it with one shot between the eyes.  After getting 10 pounds for the skin when the average male wage then was thirteen pounds, the penny dropped – Kerchingg!! – and mum and dad became crocodile shooters.  The kids followed as they got older.

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