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Photos To Remind Everyone That Many Animals Are Way Bigger Than Most Of Us Think – Part 1

The following pics, captions and reader comments as to how big some big things really are come from a Bored Panda article at: 


I Never Knew What Absolute U N I T S Clydesdales Are Until I Saw This Picture 

Reader comments:

How tall is that woman though.. 

Clydesdales are 8 foot at the shoulder. 

Honey, I shrunk the horse trainer. 

First they find the largest Clydesdales they can, then the littlest person they can find. Shires are the largest horse breed in the world. 

Yes, I tend to agree with you.... I've seen many Clydesdales, and while they are huge they are not as large as in comparison with this human..... I think some 'tinkering' has been done here . . . . 

Did you know that there are only about 5,000 Clydesdales left in the world? :( 

That's sad 

I just googled the average height for Clydesdales and it came up as 6 feet. Are these guys huge or is the person super short? 

I suspect she's 4 foot something 

Draught horses were bred to draw and carry....that why they big ;) 


Tagging And Blood Tests For Bison. Just To Give You An Idea Of How Big They Are, This Male Weighs Around 3000lbs 

Approx. 1360 kgs 

That's almost as heavy as me in quarantine.. 

His head is practically the size of the full grown man!! 

Heavier than my car 😂 

I thought he was filling it up with petrol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 

Seen these in person in the Tallgrass prairie north of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The bulls are massive and fast. 

The correct name of the animal is Bison. Not buffalo. When they were first seen by white man, the called them Buffalo after the Water buffalo. Hopefully this is correct. 

The poor thing looks so sad. 

Reminds me... 

Q What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison? 
A You can wash your hands in a bison. 

(I think that only works with an Australian accent. Otto) 


An Adult Ocean Sunfish Compared To Them At Birth 

Awwww the wittle baby weeeee guys 

They put the "expands in water" toys to shame.. 

I am gonna be honest and say that I didn't know that these things even existed. 


I love their English name because in Spanish they are called "Pez luna" = Moonfish 

they are called "moonfish" in German 

Those lips on the bigger baby fish is killing me! 

The baby sunfish are so little and cute! Who knew that they would be giants? 

I love ocean sunfish. They look like someone chopped off the rear part of the fish's body. 

Some species seem to be luckier than others on the "giving birth" front. 

Where is this guys mouth? 

At the front below the eyes. It's kind of like a hole so it's hard to see from the sides 


Meet Patrick, The World’s Oldest And Largest Wombat 

Except Patrick died 3 years ago - he was much mourned by staff & local Ballarat residents 

That is sad ☹️ 

He's pretty exceptional. Most wombats are nowhere near that big. They are all adorable, though. 

I used to live in Ballarat and i remember visiting him :D Was very sad when he passed :( 

And of course any animal raised in captivity and well taken care of, is going to be way bigger than it's wild brethren. 

(Seeing as how no-one else has said it, I guess it falls to me. You know that old joke about calling a person a wombat ‘cos he eats roots and leaves? . . . well, Patrick left.  Otto) 


Giant African Land Snail 

Is he posing for the picture? 

This photo is a little misleading--note how big the person's hand is compared to her body. It's a weird camera angle that makes the hand (and therefore the snail) appear much larger than it actually is. However, that's STILL a snail that's the size of your hand. Hold out your hand and imagine a snail that size sitting in it! 

Well pointed out, but still: more than a handful of snail! :-0 

OMG he is adorable in a fluffy bunny way. 

Looks like a slimy bunny. 

Whoa, that fella must leave a huuuuge trail wherever he goes 

I just imagined herds of these things moving across the grasslands. "it's a stampede!!!" 

The Giant African Snail was introduced into the Ryukyu Islands in the late 1930s to be used as food for humans. These snails are still commonly seen on the islands. Unfortunately, these snails sometimes carry a parasite which can potentially cause a parasitic infection in a person who touches the snail. In June 2000, a 7-year-old American girl on Kadena Air Base, Okinawa Island became the first known person in the region to die from this type of infection. 

No only there. Don't know when but someone had the same "bright" idea to introduce them in Brazil. Every time I'd visit my grandma I would help remove them from her yard. Nasty big things with nasty parasites. 

He's so cute! 

It almost looks like a bunny! 

Is it weird to say that he’s adorable? Super cute! 

The shape of his ....face? it looks a bit like a rabbit in a costume... 


My Dad And My Dog (Dad Is 6'2") 

Other dog is like, "Yep take a pic of him. Again. Whatever, I'm out." 

I don't want to be the one scooping his poops.. 

The other dog’s like, “Show off.” 

The other dog is sulking. 

Dad size: Approx. 1.88m 

Dalmatians can get pretty big 

It's a Great Dane, not a Dalmatian.

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