Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Golden Book Titles That Didn't Make It

Little Golden Books launched in 1942 and sold at 25 cents each. They changed publishing history in that for the first time, children's books were high quality and low-priced. They were available to almost all children, not just a privileged few. Since then, over two billion Golden Books have been sold.

Here are some of the titles that have been rejected:

1. You Are Different and That's Bad

2. The Boy Who Died From Eating All His Vegetables

3. Daddy's New Wife Robert

4. Fun Four-Letter Words to Know and Share

5. Hammers, Screwdrivers, and Scissors: An I-Can-Do-It Book

6. The Kid's Guide to Hitchhiking

7. Kathy Was So Bad Her Mum Stopped Loving Her

8. Curious George and the High-Voltage Fence

9. Curious George and the House of Ill Repute

10. All Cats Go To Hell

11. The Little Sissy Who Snitched

12. Some Kittens Can Fly

13. That's It, I'm Putting You Up For Adoption

14. Grandpa Gets A Casket

15. The Magic World Inside The Abandoned Refrigerator

16. Garfield Gets Feline Leukemia

17. The Pop-Up Book of Human Anatomy

18. Strangers Have The Best Candy

19. Whining, Kicking, And Crying To Get Your Way

20. You Were An Accident

21. We Really Do Love Your Sister More

22. Things Rich Kids Have And You Never Will

23. Pop! Goes The Hamster and Other Fun Microwave Games

24. The Man in the Moon Is Actually Satan

25. Your Nightmares Are Real

26. Where Would You Like To Be Buried?

27. Eggs, Toilet Paper, and Your School

28. Why Can't Mr. Fork and Ms. Electrical Outlet Be Friends?

29. Places Where Mommy and Daddy Hide Neat Things

30. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry

31. People Who Are Better Than You

32. Bugs You Can Eat

33. Why You'll Never Be Good Enough

34. Where Do Syringes Come From?

35. Things That Go Boom and Things That Light Fires

36. 50 Fun Glue Games

37. Everybody Is Okay Except You

38. What's In A Joint?

39. Mummy's Pills Taste Just Like Candy

40. Learn How To Fly With Just a Ladder and a Pillowcase

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