Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vintage Pics: Railway Square #2

I previously posted a photograph of Railway Square (the area between Broadway TAFE and Central Station), Sydney in 1913 which showed the prevalence of trams and horse drawn carriages and carts as the dominant means of transport.  The photograph is reposted for comparison and can be enlarged by clicking on the image, as can the further images which follow:

By 1922 the horses and carts had given way to cars but it is still interesting to note that cars shared the road with pedestrians.  The following photo shows Railway Square in 1922; the photo thereafter is undated but also appears to be from the 1920's:

Some points to note:

-  The middle photo was taken from the Central Station clock tower looking south west.

-  Sydney University can be seen on the horizon of the middle photograph, at top right.

-  The building on the left was a post office.

-  There are no horse drawn vehciles observable in either of the 2 later photographs.

-  Enlarge the middle pic and have a look at the roadster with whitewall tyres, bottom of pic towards the left.

-  The area around Central Station was a busy commercial precinct, with a number of the new department stores being situated there.  Note the Marcus Clarke furniture showroom on the right.  When the underground City Circle rail line was built, the major retailing area moved north, causing the Central Station area to decline both in retailing and generally.

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