Sunday, December 5, 2010

Interesting Facts #26: The Red Vineyard

The only one of Van Gogh’s artworks purchased during his lifetime (1853-1890) was The Red Vineyard.

It was purchased in 1890 shortly before his death, having been shown in an exhibition in Brussels. The artwork was purchased by Anna Boch, an impressionist painter, the sister of one of his friends.  She paid the equivalent of $1,000 in today's value for the work.

Like The Night CafĂ©  - see earlier Byte at
it was acquired by the famous Russian collector Segei Shchukin, was then nationalised by the Bolsheviks with the rest of his collection and eventually passed to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.


  1. History of the Red Vineyard Painting

  2. its sad that van gogh didn't stay a little longer to see what his paintings did to this world. How the happier ones made us happy, how the sad ones made us sad. I think we all agree that Vincent Van Gogh is not just a painter, is a genius.

  3. Actualy i think its from the blood of his cutted ears


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