Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kylie Minogue

I have never been a fan of Kylie Mionogue, who was unkindly referred to in her early recording days as "The Singing Budgie".  I was partial to her duet with Nick Cave in Where the Wild Roses Grow but she never appealed to me otherwise.  Until now.

I caught her appearance on the TV prior to Christmas singing Santa Baby at the Rockefeller Centre.

Not only does she sing it superbly in Marilyn Monroe style, she is also drop dead gorgeous and includes a wonderful acting performance.  Every sideways glance, wink, bump, facial mannerism and hand movement is perfect.

By the way, Marilyn Monroe never sang the breathy version that everyone associates with her.  That version dates from 1997 and was sung by Cynthia Basinet, a recording made for Jack Nicholson.  Basinet says that her version was a tribute to Eartha Kitt and had nothing to do with Marilyn Monroe.  Internet dissemination and wrong atribution has reinforced the Monroe connection.  - 

See and hear the delightful Kylie version at:

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