Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Byters will note that we are back on track.  Yesterday's announcement that I was unwell was posted by my daughter.

The item which would have appeared on Australia Day, had I not been indisposed, appears below.

By way of explanation, last Friday night I developed a fever and thought I was coming down with flu.  By Sunday morning my temp hit 40 and I was feeling lousy (expletive deleted).  I sent a text message to my GP, who is also a friend, who told me to get myself to RPA.  I did so and was diagnosed as having septicemia, a blood infection that had its origin from some cellulitis on my leg.  I was put on intravenoous antibiotics and various other things, until I was able to come home on Wednesday.

For those who have contacted me by email, I have a lot of emails to catch up on but will respond to you.  Thanks to those who called me or sent messages to get well.

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