Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hidden Images in Logos

So far as I know and my researches have indicated, there is no organisation known as Yoga Australia. Nonetheless, a graphic designer by the name of Roy Smith, from Norwich in the UK, has designed a logo for Yoga Australia that is hard to forget once you’ve seen it. His website mentions that it is design as a personal project.

For those who have not yet noticed, the space bounded by the leg, arm, back and buttocks of the woman in the above pic forms a map of Australia (sans Tasmania), a wonderful hidden image in a logo. It’s one of the best that I have seen.

I am always reminded of this pic whenever I see someone doing this yoga pose on the TV. It never fails that I look intently as to whether the bounded space forms a map of Oz. I have no doubt that you will now be doing likewise.

One final note.

Although this post has discussed the female form and has also mentioned the map of Tasmania, I have so far avoided any Les Patterson comments in that context. I will, however, quote from a 2009 biographical article about Errol Flynn by Mark McGinness in Quadrant Online, the context of the following paragraph being that his executor had to determine where Flynn was domiciled at the date of his death:
It is difficult to imagine that the restless Flynn was ever domiciled. The restlessness may have been preordained. His given name apparently means wanderer. He was born in Hobart on June 20, 1909. It has been suggested he put Tasmania on the map. (Sir Les Patterson would maintain that Flynn would be forever fascinated by the map of Tasmania.)


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