Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The old Supreme Court building, Sydney . . .


 As the new Supreme Court building in Sydney undergoes extensive renovation, it is worth looking at some early views of the old Supreme Court building. Constructed between 1819 and 1829, with sittings commencing in 1824, the Supreme Court and the nearby St James Church and Hyde Park Barracks (all designed by convict architect Francis Greenway) form a precinct of some of Sydney’s oldest buildings.

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Lithograph of St James Church and the Supreme Court, 1836 by Robert Russell

Supreme Court and St James Church from Elizabeth Street.  Painting by John Rae, 1842

1840s watercolour by J. Ellis, entitled St James’ Church, The Supreme Court & Hyde Park, Sydney,

Supreme Building in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia drawn in 1848. Joseph Fowles

A view of St James Church with the original Supreme Court building behind

Date unknown

Date unknown

Etching 1923

The old Supreme Court building today

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