Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Camo pics

Byter Peter sent me an email advising that he had seen the following street art item in a lane in Alexandria and that he wondered whether I had mentioned it in any of the past postings . . . 

Alexandria is a suburb of inner Sydney as well as a city in Egypt, and my initial thought on seeing the above pic was that English street artist Banksy had visited Sydney. The work is very much like his and he had visited Sydney and Melbourne in 2008, leaving some examples of street art in the process. 

Was it a hitherto undiscovered Banksy, akin to finding a new Rembrandt?

Peter’s pic shows the tag “Camo” who, it turns out, has been quite active in the inner city suburbs of Sydney. Camo is a street artist who does a lot of stencil work, hence the resemblance to Banksy. He (or she) has his (or her) own Facebook page and that about sums up what I have been able to find out. 

Here are some examples of Camo’s work, in suburbs such as Redfern, Alexandria, Erskineville, Rozelle and St Peters: 

Bonus pic:

In looking into Camo’s work I also came across one by Fukt, somewhere in Camperdown (also a suburb of inner Sydney): 

Ikea Earth... love it.

Btw, thanks Peter, I tried to respond to your email but kept getting bounce back messages.

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