Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reader Comment

From Byter Kara, who hails from the Land of the Long White Cloud (aka New Zealand), commenting yarn bombing and guerilla knitting:

Hi Otto, I am in agreement with your 'two minds' - these short-term wonders must look horrific after rain and sun have done their damage. 

I am also somewhat astounded at the scope of several of the works pictured; when you consider the materials used and the time spent, surely both could be put to better use producing blankets, baby-clothes, etc. There are many 'unsung' groups of knitters that knit for premature babies, or blankets and toys for women's shelters. I am not certain of the details but I've hear of a group of 'fish & chips' knitters who make a simple singlet-type knitted-wrap that is provided in communities where otherwise babies would be wrapped in newspaper at birth.

I can't knit to save myself (wish I could) though I remember as kids (in the UK) we knitted squares that were sewn together to make blankets. If someone started off for us we could continue the rows to make the square. My older brothers belonged to a Cub group and it was connected to that somehow.

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