Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The last items on knitting, I promise


After last week's items and comments on yarn bombing I came across a couple of further items of interest. Some of them may have you head scratching and wondering about time better spent . . .



The following is from the website of the International Fiber Collaborative:

The International Fiber Collaborative (IFC) was founded in 2007 by artist Jennifer Marsh. It is a non-profit organization that promotes global collaborative public art initiatives, a marriage of art & education. The IFC prides itself in being a grassroots organization, reaching out to students, individuals, groups and organizations all over the world.  

The IFC has accomplished two widely acclaimed projects. The first one being the Gas Station Project in 2008 in Syracuse, New York. The submitted artwork for this project came from students and individuals from 15 countries and 28 states. The Gas Station Wrap was the first of its kind and spurred international attention both through press and participants.  

The second project was the Interdependence Tree Project in 2009 in Huntsville, Alabama. With every project the IFC grows, as does worldwide interest. Participants in the Tree project increased to 23 countries and 39 states.  

The International Fiber Collaborative is extremely pleased to be working on its 2010 project, the Dream Rocket This project aims to reach participants from over 100 countries and all 50 states.


The Gas Station Project

Interdependence Tree Project

Dream Rocket Project


Sarah Moli Newton Applebaum creates bright and colourful knitted sculptural installations and art works using mostly knitted fabric and blankets. She lives and works in San Francisco.



May 2013

Police in Leicester, England, were keen to make a city centre walkway a less intimidating place to be after feedback suggesting that the fear of crime in the area was greater than elsewhere in the city. To help make the walkway seem more friendly, they decorated the trees with donated knitted pom poms. In a response somewhat lacking in imagination, residents said what was perhaps needed more was extra lighting.

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