Friday, September 27, 2013

Funny Friday

Having posted some photographic items during the week, it seems appropriate to have a few giggles on a photography/photographer theme:

A photographer took a self portrait in a park.
Due to lighting conditions he used the built in flash on the camera.
He quickly got arrested for flashing and exposing himself in the park.

I just saw a poster on a tree saying: 'This is a photograph of our dog which is missing. If found please call us'
So I phoned them up and said, "I've just found the photograph of your dog."

Two new models are waiting as the photographer gets his equipment ready.
One model says to the other,”What is he doing now?”
“He’s getting ready to focus”, she replies.
To which the first model exclaims,”FOCUS, but he hasn’t even paid us yet!”

Q: What did Mozart do when his Olympus broke?
A: He borrowed Pachelbel’s Canon.

(That should probably have been a Corn Corner item).

Limerick Spot:

There was a young curate of Salisbury
Whose manners were halisbury-scalisbury.
He walked about Hampshire
Without any pampshire
Till the vicar compelled him to walisbury.

[In the English Post Office the abbreviation for Hampshire is "Hants. and that for Salisbury is "Sarum."]

Okay, another then to make up for that one. This is a classic limerick, an oldie but goodie . . . 

There once was a plumber from Lee
Who was plumbing his girl by the sea.
She said “Stop your plumbing,
I think someone’s coming!”
Said the plumber, still plumbing, “It's me!” 

(“Plumbing” is a slang term for sexual intercourse, as is the related expression “laying some pipe”)

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