Monday, September 9, 2013

Pics: Street Stone

Caution:  nudity

French art director Alexis Persani and French photographer Leo Caillard have digitally dressed centuries-old Louvre sculptures in hip, modern day fashion. The resultant fusion of modern and classical shows the age old statues in a modern light, as well as showing how much the poses make them look like models in present day fashion shoots. Their series of pics is called Street Stone and they are fascinating, especially of the females in short skirts and the photo of the woman in a bra.

The pics were achieved by having models wearing clothes recreate the poses of the statues, in as much a similar lighting as possible.  The photos of the statues were then photoshopped by adding the clothes.

Callard says of the project:

'Who is to say that the figures presented in the stone of Greek Agora were not the greatest representation of the human form known at that time? The statues, with their clothes stripped away reveal a magnificence of shape & balance. But what were the Greeks wearing when they weren't posing for sculptors..? Appearance, in all its many nuances, present the character. 'Clothes maketh the man' as William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet. One’s dress sense indicates one's priorities, choices, and lifestyle. Are you 'in' or are you 'out'? 'Hipster or Classic? Which tribe are you a member of? Which tribe were the men posing for these statues from?'

Images of some of the statues prior to being digitally clothed are included for comparison...

Aristaeus by Joseph Bosio

Meleagre by Louis Simon

Le Faune Barberini

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