Friday, October 25, 2013

Funny Friday

Earlier this year I posted some quotes and snippets on cheeses.  You can read that by clicking on:

The topic of cheese cane up at trivia again the other day when I mentioned the old saying "Oh, What a Friend We Have in Cheeses!"

That sparked the idea of today's theme for Funny Friday . . .

Corn Corner:

What kind of cheese likes to greet itself in the mirror?


Some spotty youth threw a block of mild cheese through our lounge window today.   I went outside and shouted after him "Well that's not very mature!"

* * * * * * * *
Limerick Spot:

It needn't have ribaldry's taint
Or strive to make everyone faint.
There's a type that's demure
And perfectly pure
Though it helps quite a lot if it ain't.

There once was a pretty young Mrs.
Whose tearful but short story thrs.
Her mind lost its grasp -
Now she thinks she's an asp
And just sits in the corner and hrs.

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