Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Some reader comments and contributions:

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Byter Charlie sent an email about the pic yesterday of CPO Jackson, shown in the post Historic Photographs Part 2:

Otto - if you are ever in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, go to a restaurant called Pittipat's Porch, on Peach Street, and you will see the Photo of Chief Petty Officer Jackson hanging in the lobby. At least it was there 40 years ago!

Thanks for the memory!


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Byter Sue Bramblebush (as she is known to those who love her) sent me an item that raised a smile. It is an Australian version of something that originally featured US personalities . . .

I was at the supermarket yesterday and I ran into Tarzan!

I asked Tarzan how he was going and if he was making any more movies.

He told me, “Me no longer make movies, me have severe arthritis, both shoulders and not swing from vine to tree".

I asked how Jane was going? 

He told me, "Jane in bad shape, in nursing home, has Alzheimer's and not recognizing anyone". 

How sad!

I asked about Boy.

Tarzan said, “Boy, gone big city, get with bad women, on drugs and alcohol; and only time hear from him, when he in trouble or need something". 

I asked about Cheetah.

He beamed and said, "Cheetah do good. Had plastic surgery, now going to live in The Lodge!”

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The post on the origin of "bugalugs" generated a couple of emails, one from Lapun Pinis

Again, with half my life in PNG, in the Lingua Franca of that country, ‘Pisin’, (not to be confused with Pidgin in Australia), the word for broken, unserviceable, damaged, etc., is ‘bagarup’ – pronounced almost as Bugger up. Many of the words in Pisin come from German, Indonesian, or other derivatives, but quite clearly not this one! And of course ‘bagarup pinis’ means broken beyond repair.

Lapun Pinis

and from Byter Sue, a different Sue from Sue above:

I thought it meant lugs as in luggage - meaning a child small enough to carry? Because they were as slow as a bug?

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Byter Arthur commented on the Aroma Festival, which I had never heard about, at The Rocks . . .

In 60 years of being in Sydney I never knew or heard about this. I drove taxis for a number of years as well and did not take any passengers there either. Amazing. Enjoy the day.

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Byter Kara from New Zilund commented on the UTS new building designs and looked further int Prince Phillips quote on the opening the new east wing of Vancouver City Hall in 1970: "I declare this thing open, whatever it is."

Well done Otto, with just a few local examples you have illustrated the complete lack of taste, style, or common sense in most modern architecture. Good ol' Phil (and Charlie too) I just had to see what the east wing of Vancouver City Hall looks like. What I found was this 'The east wing of Vancouver City Hall - the structure is sinking and will need to be torn down eventually due to the earthquake risk.' (from the Montreal Gazette, July 2013).. 

Keep 'em coming. 


Btw, this is a pic of the east wing of Vancouver City Hall:
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Son Thomas texted me some items . . .

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