Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Miscellany

Some odds, ends and personals . . .

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Sent by Rosie:

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In the same vein (risque language):

The hare and the tortoise are getting ready for their race, when the hare looks over and says, "Hey, you've got no hair."

The tortoise replies, "I'm a tortoise, I'm not supposed to have any hair."

"On your mark," says the starter.

"Look at you, you weird bastard," says the hare, "you've got no ears either."

"I'm a tortoise, I'm not supposed to have ears."

"Get set," says the starter.

"Oh my God," says the hare, "you are an ugly fucker... you're skin is all wrinkly."

"Look, I'm a tortoise. I'm supposed to have wrinkly skin."

Just before the starter fires the gun, the hare stands back and says, "I'm not racing you; you're Niki Lauda!"

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Sent by Thomas:

And in the same vein:

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By the way, I wondered how the expression "in the same vein" originated.  I couldn't really envisage similar items being expressed to come from a similar vein in a body, it just didn't make sense.  About the only explanation that did make sense that I came across is that it relates to gold mining.  Where miners located various gold deposits in different places, it was often found that they came from the same vein of gold, hence the expression.  That will have to do until something more definitive comes along.

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