Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Images of Sydney Past

The Sailors’ Home, The Rocks, Sydney, c 1890

A man enjoys a spectacular vantage point to view HMAS Australia arriving in Watsons Bay on 4 October 1913

The Whaler’s Arms, The Rocks, 1901

Professional rat catchers with their catch. They were paid to rid Sydney of rats as a result of rats on board overseas ships bringing the Black or Bubonic Plague in 1900 and spreading it throughout the town. Official figures showed 44,000 rats were killed and incinerated. One of the men above is holding a trap used to catch the rodents. The Plague hit in January and, at the end of eight months, 303 cases were reported with 103 people having died.

Coupled with ratcatching, the government also demolished slum areas in The Rocks, taking a photographic record with photos such as these:

Rear 12 Robinson Lane, Sydney. Rear yard more orderly than most.

Sutton Forest Butchery, Sydney
Note the meat on the bench and the sausages hanging up.

Anotherwork area.

Cumberland Street, The Rocks, 1900

The Argyle Cut, The Rocks, 1912

Sydney 1961

Manly Beach babes on hollow boards
(Read about the pic and the women at:

Sydney City’s Mobile Library, 1950’s

A group of children watch a television set on display at the Royal Easter Show, Sydney, c 1956

George Street South (now Broadway) about 1900, with the University of Sydney in the distance. Note: steam trams and steam tram lines.

Parramatta Road, Sydney, the University of Sydney in the background

Bondi Beach “Beachobatics”, acrobatics on sand, 1930’s

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